Snippets from the sofa

– Am struggling to keep my eyes open long enough to wait for Casualty to come on.

– This is in spite of the fact I slept in till 11.30 this morning.

– While sleeping in till 11.30, I had numerous dreams about various of my children going terrifyingly missing in various places.

– I think the dreams were my brain processing the last few weeks of worry and stress.

– I have a jagged red cut on my right middle knuckle following an argument with a can of condensed mushroom soup at teatime yesterday. It is healing up nicely but a bit sore and I keep bashing it on things!

– We all walked into town and back this afternoon. All I did was go to the bank, get Three a new T shirt and buy a block of cheese, but it was lovely to walk somewhere as I feel like I have been driving around a lot this week.

– It wasn’t even raining.

– Other than the town trip, I’ve had a pretty lazy day. This has been very good for me.

– Three is very excited about attaining the great age of eight years old on Tuesday.

– I just keep thinking ‘how am I going to fit an eighth birthday in when I have all this college work to finish?!’ I’m sure it will all work out just fine.

– At the moment I think I will be heading to bed immediately after Casualty finishes!


3 thoughts on “Snippets from the sofa

  1. How is that fair? You get no rain in *Crewe*?! We have done little all day except moan about the rain. It’s been like this all sodding week.

  2. I feel your knuckle pain: I squashed mine between 48 bottles of water and a shelf this morning…
    Good luck fitting in the birthday!

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