25. Something you’re grateful for

I’ve not been keeping up with the #photoadayApril challenge as I’ve been concentrating hard on the children and my college work. I’m keeping my head above water but blogging is suffering! This isn’t likely to change over the next few weeks but when I noticed the prompt for today I decided I would use it as an excuse to share a few of the pictures I took yesterday of the three gorgeous, bonkers, unique and wonderful people I am the most grateful for! Yes, One and Two have matching Angry Birds T-shirts – we couldn’t resist them in the supermarket!

Interesting scientific fact of the day: When you have albinism, your eyes don’t always point in the same direction at the same time… 😉


4 thoughts on “25. Something you’re grateful for

    • To be scrupulously honest, his dad took him to the hairdresser to tidy it up a bit and make it a tiny bit more masculine after I did the basic initial cut! It looks loads better for a professional hand in the matter! 😉 (He still hates it, mind you, but the fact he let me anywhere near him with a camera is huge progress!)

  1. Lovely photos. Would it help to tell Tal that his hair cut like that makes him look a lot older? Because it does, but don’t say so if you don’t think he would appreciate it…..

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