The fruits of decluttering

Today I have been sorting through a bin bag of stuff that has been in the garage for over a year – I stashed a load of stuff off surfaces in there in a bid to do a crisis tidy up in a hurry!

I’ve been standing on this bag of stuff several times a week now for the whole time it has been in there, as it was blocking the way to the rest of the garage. I decided it was time to Take Action.

I’ve spent about 20 minutes going through the bin bag. I’ve put all the recycling rubbish in the recycling bin, and the non-recyling rubbish in the other bin. I’m now left with a pile of the stuff which needs putting away/finding a home for and I thought for fun I would list what I have found in there before I do so!

– One guitar plectrum (belonging to Two)

– Five audio CDs of Famous Five and Secret Seven stories (belonging to Two)

– Four Year 8 school exercise books (belonging to One, who is now in Year 9)

– One AAA rechargeable battery

– A page from the Crewe Chronicle from December 2010 featuring pictures of my children in the local park’s Lantern Parade (their dad took the pictures)

– A mini USB cable

– A block of post it notes (hurrah!)

– A folder labelled ‘Guitar Music’ belonging to Two, with no guitar music in it

– A certificate congratulating One on her entry to the North West Schools “Why I want to be a Scientist” competition 2009

– Seven pieces of sheet music (belonging to One)

– One doll cot sheet with roses on, made for my dolls by my mum when I was little, (now belonging to Three)

– A pack of assorted photographs from my past I’d forgotten I’d got.

– A United Utilities (Water) statement for 2011-2012

– My Income Support letter from January 2011

– A report letter from One’s Visual Impairment teacher who visits her once a term, from January 2011

– My current home insurance policy

– A letter for Two which arrived in May last year and which he still hasn’t replied to!

– A Large 2nd class stamp

– Three Dalek stickers (belonging to Two)

– A letter from my solicitor

– Six sheets of blank drawing paper

– A certificate of attendance on an assertiveness course at school (belonging to One)

– The box for Now 78 containing CD 2 (belonging to One)

– The ring binder containing my bank statements

– A certificate of achievement from Two’s school residential in Dec 2010

– John Thompson’s Modern Course for the Piano Books 1 and 2 (from my childhood)

– Two Promise Certificates from Messy Church last year. Three promised to ‘Always be good’, and One promised to ‘Make Mum at least 1 cup of tea a day’!

– Four piano books: Popular Christmas Carols, Christmas Melodies, Feldman’s Album of Carols, and The Easiest Tune Book of Christmas Carols (I think they used to belong to my grandparents)

– A badge made by One with her name on it and a smiley face

– A Club Penguin sticker book (belonging to Three)

– Some Spongebob stickers

– Some heart stickers

– A Woodland Trust activity pack (belonging to Two)

– A warranty document for a laptop

– The remains of a ball of yarn which I think I made mittens out of for someone

– A pack of tapestry needles

– An empty takeaway container (clean!)

– Seven 2nd class stamps (woohoo!)

– Six knitting magazines

– A picture of dragons done by Two, which I need to scan in and send to someone!

– Two’s report sheet from his one-to-one maths sessions in year 6, written by a wonderful teacher who he loved and who has since died. 😦 Very glad to have this handwritten proof that she thought he was ‘a fantastic pupil’ 🙂

– A poetry book that looks like it is from the school library (One?)

– My copy of ‘Where did it all go right?: growing up normal in the 70s’ by Andrew Collins

– A wordsearch book (Three)

– Some cardmaking stuff with school pictures on (Three)

– A Utility Warehouse bill from December 2010

– A pair of Early Learning Centre scissors

– One stripy mitten

– A pack of school photographs

– Three pens

– A wind chime


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