To sleep, perchance to dream

This week, I am mostly finding it completely impossible to wake up in the mornings. And having a rich and varied dream life while I’m at it.

Last night, I participated in the following vividly real seeming activities while I slumbered:

1. Found a family of rats scurrying around in Two’s wardrobe. Caught hold of one and dropped it out of the window. *shudder* Ended up completely blitzing his room with lots of cleaning and DIY, while he slept on in his bed totally unaware of all the activity going on around him.

2. Went through all the rehearsals, and part of the first performance, of a play in which I was the lead character, at my old secondary school, on the stage in the hall. I now have no idea what the play was or what any of my lines were, but it began with a game of volleyball, in which I was playing on my own against two blokes who were about seven feet tall, and I was too short to get the ball over the net most of the time!

3. Was going through the interview process for a TA post at the school I volunteer at. It involved telling the headteacher which of the current TAs I most admired and wanted to be like, and then assisting with a year 6 French lesson in which I taught the class how to count to ten in French, along with a catchy little song which I made up on the spot and which I now can’t get out of my head! I then assisted one pupil with the activity which was part French and part maths – telling one another in French how many brothers and how many sisters we had, and then asking how many that was altogether!

I’m now finally out of bed, have eaten porridge and am sitting here with a big mug of tea reminding myself to add toilet roll, bleach and glass cleaning spray to the shopping list before I nip to the supermarket. I think the night time life was more interesting, on the whole!


3 thoughts on “To sleep, perchance to dream

  1. I admire that you can remember your dreams – I rarely do. One recent oddity was that, on a windy night, I woke from dreaming that a trampoline was rolling down the road. (No, I don’r know why a trampoline would have wheels)
    Later, going out at the back, I saw, in the next door garden,that a trampoline had indeed been overturned, and blown across the width of the garden –

  2. lol! this is so funny and i am sure a dream interpreter could read very deep and meaningful things into your dreams….must get my book out!

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