“You have all the coordination of a three legged badger on Valium…”

I think that was my favourite quote of the weekend – and while it is true that I am not the most coordinated person on the planet, I would like to remind the person who said it that I was coordinated enough to tie up all his guy ropes nicely in the pouring rain before we put the tent down on Monday!

I thought I was overdue a proper blog post which wasn’t a daily photo challenge. So, here in my favourite bullet point format (with occasional added photos) are the highlights of a long weekend camping with J (who, as you can see from the title, does a good line in insults…!)



– Approaching the campsite in the car and suddenly driving in between big snowdrifts either side of the road!. Enough snow that the pitch we were supposed to be camping on was still covered in the stuff, so we had to be moved to the other end of the field!



– Delicious cooked breakfasts. I tried black pudding for the first time ever, on Sunday morning. I won’t try it again in a hurry but at least now I can say I don’t like it from real experience rather than from fear of the unknown!

– Rain, rain, rain, rain and more rain. And a bit of rain for good measure. Most of the snow had been washed away by the time we packed up to come home!

– Lots of sleep. Due to the aforementioned rain, we spent a lot of time in the tent keeping warm and dry, and due to both of our ridiculously busy and chaotic lives at present, we made the most of the opportunity to get a huge amount of rest and sleep while we could! (Or to put it another way, we didn’t seem to be able to stay awake, so we just decided to go with the flow…)

– Crosswords. Cryptic and non-cryptic. Some of the cryptic ones were brain-bending but we got there in the end and felt very proud of ourselves.


– A walk one evening, before the rain set in fully, looking for a lake which seemed rather elusive (it would have helped if I hadn’t taken us both in entirely the wrong direction to start off with!) We found it in the end and spent lots of time taking photographs.








I returned home on Monday, completely soaked from getting the tent down in the pouring rain, but relaxed, refreshed and ready to pick up the reins of life once more.



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