Isn’t today over yet?

I’m feeling grotty. I have a cough that seems to have appeared out of nowhere, and I’ve had a headache for the past three days, though today it has vanished at intervals so I’ve had a bit of respite from that at least!

Yesterday was a washout, spent mostly on the sofa with a necessary trip to the supermarket; having bought the food I had then used up all my energy and felt too ill to cook! Changed meal plan  around to something easier and had a very early night – I was in bed soon after nine and asleep before ten I think!

Given my general state of health today, I am pleased to have achieved the following, in between long rests on the sofa:

– Slept until half past nine, when I was woken by a phonecall from my partner in crime at college; partly to see how I am (last time I saw him I looked so terrible he gave me a hug!) and partly to stress at me about assignments I can’t even think about yet. I’m not sure how reassuring I managed to be, but I tried!

– Folded and put away a load of washing that has been waiting in the basket for a couple of days. Hung up the wash load I did yesterday.

– Walked into town with Three to purchase new bowls after I accidentally decluttered her breakfast bowl this morning all over the floor into lots of pieces… oops! As we were then down to three bowls between four people, I thought it was time to get some more!

– Got around to putting the daffodils I bought yesterday into two vases, to brighten up the dining room and the living room.

– Made 15 pancakes and 20 Easter nests (shredded wheat chocolate crispie cakes with mini eggs on top).

I have also coughed a fair bit, grumbled, got very irritable at times and constantly wondered ‘how long till bedtime?’!

I think another very early night is on the cards.


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