April photo challenge – I’m in!

Well, I have drunk my tea and I have pondered.

I have looked at Fatmumslim’s list of photo prompts for April and I have come to a decision.

I’m going to join in again this month, but this time I’m going to use my actual camera, not my phone. I’ve been trying to improve my photography a little this past few months and think this would be a good way to have a go at playing with camera settings etc. with a focus (no pun intended!).

This might mean the photos aren’t uploaded as quickly or easily as they are from my phone, so I might be putting up a few at once rather than one every day, depending on how much time I have and how much laptop access I have. I do intend to take each photo on the appropriate day though.

Life seems to be throwing curveballs at me left right and centre at the moment, and the photo a day challenge is a nice distraction and something consistent which I have really enjoyed in March. Here’s to April!

In other news, it’s the Easter holidays now which of course means that the unrelenting glorious summer sunshine we had for a full week up until Thursday has been instantly replaced by cooler weather and wall to wall grey cloud. Or as Two remarked to his dad on the phone last night: ‘really, we haven’t had any weather at all today…’

Three and I have sorted out her books this afternoon – I’ve found new space in her room for the bookshelf we moved on to the landing a couple of weeks ago, and she now has three shelves of books, two baskets of oversize books on top of the shelves, and I have a big bag of outgrown books to put outside for the NSPCC on Tuesday (a very timely bag came through the door this morning).


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