Mother of the year…

Two and Three are in the kitchen together doing the washing and drying up. I’m on the sofa curled up with my laptop listening to them doing silly voices, laughing, arguing about whether plates are clean enough… you get the picture.

Three comes running into the room screaming. I see she is smiling as well so am not over concerned.

Three: Mummy!!! Mummy!!! Two is chasing me!!

I look behind her and wait a few seconds.

Me: Well if he is, he’s doing it very slowly…

Three: Because he’s a zombie, that’s why!

Me: Ah.

Pause. Quick cuddle.

Me: So is the washing up finished?

Three: Not yet.

Me: Off you go then, and finish it off, then I can pay you. (I am loving this small-amounts-of-cash-for-jobs initiative)

Three (getting up): But Two might eat my brains!

Me: Oh well, if he does then you won’t have to finish the washing up, will you? It’s a win win situation!

I’m so caring and sympathetic…

I did tell her I loved her as well. I’m pretty sure she knows anyway!


2 thoughts on “Mother of the year…

  1. Brilliant… when you have your next bad day…remember you have a brain eating zombie who will wash up for a small fee…and you get quick cuddles too.

    I got one today…a cuddle not a brain eating zombie…but I think it was partly to prove that Last is definitely much taller than me now. 🙂

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