Getting up this morning was quite difficult. Adjusting to one less hour takes a day or two.

No school run (Two and Three were taken to school by their dad as they’ve been with him this weekend) meant I could get a head start on the day. The sunshine outside meant I actually wanted to get that head start, so that worked quite well!

Bedding and towels were washed, and got dry outside. Weather absolutely glorious, all day. Perfect drying weather (yes I’m afraid I spend the whole of spring, summer and autumn relating to the weather purely in terms of if it will dry the washing for me. I may be a sad case, but I don’t care…)

All yesterday’s dry washing got folded and put away. Not all by me, I hasten to add!

The almost obligatory phonecall from school came at 3.35 when we were just about to leave for the dentist. This meant that One and Two were late for their appointment.

Two of the pastoral staff from the secondary school are coming round to the house after Easter to do a pre-CAF assessment. All of the ‘hypothetical’ things I learned and wrote about for my Multi Agency Working assignment last year are coming true in my own life. I knew it would come in useful for something…

Taking three exuberant, lively, chatty, giggly children to the dentist is exhausting. And Two bit the dentist’s finger by accident. Then giggled about it. Oops. I think she was quite glad when we left (leaving apologies in our wake)…

Next stop the doctor’s surgery where I had my review appointment. Verdict: things in general depression wise are definitely heading in the right direction. I can expect to be on the antidepressants for a few more months yet but it’s all quite positive. The various family stresses are still taking their toll on my energy and time, though. I have another sick note signing me off for two more months.

After tea, I sat outside from seven o’clock until half past eight, with one mug of tea and then a second mug of tea, and watched the moon and stars come out. I can thoroughly recommend this way of gently easing into the evening.

Now, two children are in bed, and one is in the bath. I’m curled up on the sofa, listening to the silence.

Living life, one day at a time. And this day has been a good one.


6 thoughts on “Today

  1. this what I have heard called a Rainbow day, when all is well ( most of the time! ) and we can feel things for good working in our lives : ) here’s to rainbow days!

  2. Chris once threw up all over our lovely dentist……

    Admittedly she was taking impressions and it made him gag, but even so it was highly embarrassing.

  3. Yay for a good day and glad school are being pro-active re: CAF ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree about the weather – it’s fab and making me feel soo much better

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