Big Sleep in This morning.

I did wake up around 9.30 ish but then accidentally fell asleep again and eventually got up with not much of the morning left to go. It is ages since I slept in as long as that!

Breakfast Started around Twelve.

See the earlier blog post for a picture of my breakfast, which was delicious. I have extra golden syrup at weekends 😉

Beautiful Sunny Temperature

I have got four loads of washing dry today. One of my very favourite, calming activities is hanging out laundry in the sunshine. It doesn’t sound very hip or cool, but it is soothing, productive and relaxing. It keeps me focused very much in the moment while I am going through the repetitive movements of shaking out the clothes, clipping the pegs, and feeling the warmth of the sun on my back.

Bottom – Sofa – Television

I settled down this afternoon to watch my first dvd from Lovefilm – The King’s Speech. I loved it and am very glad to have seen it at last. I knew, of course, that my favourites Colin Firth and Helena Bonham-Carter were excellent in it, but got a nice surprise to see little Karen from Outnumbered as Princess Margaret! 🙂

Big Sunday Takeaway.

One and I cheated and had Chinese for tea. And very nice it was too. I’m now drinking Coke, which is bad for my teeth and my insides, but, in moderation (though I’m not very good at moderation in anything!), good for my equilibrium!

Breathe. Smile. Think.

I’m spending a fair bit of time considering my attitude to life at the moment. There is no denying that things are pretty tough at the moment, for various reasons, and I can’t control the majority of the events that have been affecting me and my family recently. But I can control the way I react to those events, and the way I view my life, and I am consciously choosing to keep thinking about the myriad good things surrounding me, and to count my blessings every day. I’m training myself not to project too far ahead, or to ‘borrow trouble’.  All we have right now is this moment. If the events of this moment are crap (sitting in hospital on Tuesday wondering how the hell we ended up here again, for example), they will pass. If the events are pretty damn good (hanging out items of washing one by one with the sun on my back, for example), I try to enjoy the moment for what it is, not grumble about the past or fret about the future. Easier said than done! But I’m practising and as we say in our house (I hate the P word): ‘Practice Makes Improvement’!

British Summer Time.

It’s quarter past seven and the sky is bright blue and the evening sun is making the wall I can see from my window glow a most beautiful colour. A 23 hour day is always a bit weird, and I can’t quite get my head around the fact that it is this light this late. I still need to alter the dining room clock (can’t be bothered yet) and the clock in the car (haven’t been anywhere near the car today). Despite my extra sleep this morning, I am still feeling tired, and think an early night might be on the cards to continue to adjust to losing that precious hour!


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