Today has been a calmer and more settled day than of late.

Not without incident though: Three went to school on her scooter this morning, while I trotted along behind her attempting to keep up. This has happened several mornings this week; she loves it, and the exercise first thing is doing me good. This morning, about five minutes after we left the house, she scooted rather too enthusiastically over a rain gully across the pavement, and turned a perfect somersault over the handlebars and onto the ground!

Loud screams ensued, and the usual parental mixture of sympathy and briskness ‘ooh that must have been a horrible shock, you poor thing, now stand up for me, it’s ok, you’re fine, let me kiss it better…’ etc etc. I carried the scooter for a while as she walked and we talked about the amazing gymnastic feat she had just achieved (mothers can put a positive spin on anything!). A few hundred yards later and she was scooting along happily ahead of me again – but I did nip into school with her and explain what had happened, and the first aider took her off to find some ice to put on her bumped head (we were thankful she was wearing her fluffy wolf hat when she landed on it!).

So as well as the separate problems facing One and Two at the moment, for which I constantly expect (and usually receive) phonecalls from school on a daily basis, I also walked home half expecting the primary school to call and say Three had started feeling dizzy / sunk into unconsciousness / whatever!

However, I managed an entire day without a single phonecall from either school! After the week we’ve had, that was a miracle and one I didn’t take lightly.

I indulged in some self care this morning. I can’t actually remember when I last had a bath and washed my hair – I know, that’s terrible, and I do normally have a bath every day, but it has been one of those weeks – I believe it was probably last weekend. Certainly prior to Tuesday! So this morning following the school run I had a bath, covered myself in talc, body lotion, body spray and perfume, washed my hair, blow dried it and straightened it, and put a full set of clean clothes on. It felt like a luxury pampering session and I felt much better for it. I also managed to drink a whole cup of tea in one go without being interrupted by anything. I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened since before Tuesday either!

Counselling at lunchtime which was very very helpful this week. Sometimes I feel like I just blurt out everything that’s happened, which does me a lot of good to offload it, but I never seem to get past the offloading part (because so much happens each fortnight that it takes me the whole session to recount it all!).  Other times, like today, I manage to unpick some of the happenings, analyse them a bit, and can actually identify where I’ve actually moved on in my thinking and my behaviour since I first started the counselling. Although both of us said we were exhausted after just under an hour of me describing the past week, I felt it was a very positive time.

I then spent a couple of hours in school and having missed Wednesday’s planned day, it was a delight to be back among the lovely year 4s and their lovely staff. 🙂 It was also a very non-demanding afternoon – I heard four of my favourite young gentlemen read (actually, to be fair, I really don’t have any favourites in year 4; they are all fabulous), and then it was assembly and then it was home time!

Two and Three have gone to their dad’s for the weekend, leaving One and I here to relax after a difficult week, and to continue to attack the girls’ bedroom together. I sat down with a big mug of tea when we got home, and woke up two hours later… oops! I then went upstairs to let One know I was getting tea ready, and found her fast asleep as well! I’m sure we must both have really needed it.

We’ve had an evening of TV and plan to work hard on the bedroom sorting tomorrow, and then take ourselves out for hot chocolate and a cake to reward ourselves, later on. Mum gave me some money earlier so we could do that; she really is fab.

I think bed feels like the best plan at the moment. I’m glad it’s the weekend.


One thought on “Calm

  1. So glad that you were able to pamper yourself and that you managed the whole day without phone calls – and the counselling session.

    Big hugs and I am holding you all in my thoughts

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