And now, here are the news headlines

– It has been a challenging week.

– I’m parenting as hard and as well as I know how.

– I had my ATOS assessment today with a nurse who will put together a report to send to the Department of Work and Pensions Decision Maker. He or she will then Decide (yes the capital letter fits) whether I can continue to receive Employment Support Allowance or whether I will have to jump back on the jobseeker hamster wheel of doom, when I don’t actually have time or energy for anything apart from my currently very vulnerable family.

– With it being a particularly difficult week, I looked pale, had shadows under my eyes and I had been crying before I got there. My hair needed washing and I was totally honest about how difficult I’m finding everything. I’m glad it is over now and I resolve to forget about the possible outcome for the next couple of weeks.

– I was also very honest with the tutors at college tonight. I now have extensions on a couple of assignments to take the pressure off, and I was so relieved that I wept all the way home.

– On the plus side, my Flylady routines are keeping the house, and me, reasonably organised. Meals are planned and tonight’s sausage casserole was particularly fine. I’ve taken out a free three month trial with Lovefilm which includes online streaming, and have a nice long list of dvds to rent and things to watch on the laptop.

I’m so tired. And counting my many blessings in between the tears!


6 thoughts on “And now, here are the news headlines

  1. *hugs* I’m so sorry it’s been such a hard week but glad like you that there are blessings, too. Everything crossed that the DWP rules the way it should. And I’m very, very glad that your college tutors were supportive.

  2. finds it difficult to know what to comment, but does know about that waiting for a decision – hope that it will be made quickly – also that you have a sympathetic GOP and MP, if you want to challenge it.Not sure how helpful it is to say that – probably not very –

  3. I think you are amazing. You have truely had an awful awful week and yet you can find so many things to be positive about. Well done on hanging in there and thankyou for being my friend. 🙂

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