Just call me Ms. Organised (sort of)

Examples of why following Flylady’s system is turning me into a scarily organised person I don’t recognise (it’s wonderful though!):

– It is five and a half weeks since I made my sink shiny and decided to start simple routines going. Since then, the house has got tidier and more organised with every passing week and it just keeps getting better. No more monthly cycle of big blitz – descent into chaos – tears and tantrums (me) – utter despair – big blitz – etc. etc. Just a gradual slow improvement.

– It is Mother’s Day tomorrow, and on Thursday morning I phoned and invited my mum round for Sunday lunch, knowing that the house is presentable and the dining table is always empty now at mealtimes and ready for as many people as we like to sit and eat around it.

– Tonight I have written a card for my mum, which I bought earlier in the week, and wrapped the present I’d already got for her.

– Tomorrow’s chicken is sitting in the slow cooker, and the timer switch will turn it on at 5 o’clock in the morning. The potatoes are peeled, chopped and sitting in a pan ready to switch on at the appropriate time. I’ve checked the fudge cake in the freezer and that can be microwaved from frozen so I know I don’t need to defrost it ahead of lunchtime.

– I’ve spent the day making a huge difference in the girls’ bedroom; as motivated by our Family Worker, M. I told him I would commit myself to making a start in there this weekend, and that incentive was enough. I’ve cleared enough floor to move furniture into better positions, and One has put a lot of her things away. It’s a good start.

– Because I used the timer on my phone and only worked for 15 minutes at a time, with breaks in between, I didn’t burn out too early and was able to carry on all day.

And a couple of examples of why I have a long way to go!:

– I had to look in four different places before I remembered that the timer switch for the slow cooker was on a shelf in the pantry after I’d tidied that six weeks ago! Was starting to think I’d have to set my alarm for five in the morning and come down to turn it on myself!

– When I went to look for wrapping paper for Mum’s Mother’s Day present, I discovered a large selection of Christmas paper, and one roll with the words ‘Happy Birthday’ all over it.

– She now has a present festooned with birthday greetings, but as she has a sense of humour I’m sure she will love that! Not sure she’d really appreciate being 75 less than two months after turning 74 though!


7 thoughts on “Just call me Ms. Organised (sort of)

  1. What one really needs is nice generic wrapping-paper that will “do” for any occasion and either sex. I do actually still have some…. and far too much Christmas paper. And I still can’t even face 15 minutes on the wreck that is my bedroom as I know it will make no difference….. the rest of the flat is reasonable – well, as reasonable as it can be. And I am taking 4-5 books out to the communal “recycling point” in the front hall of the block every day or so, which pleases me.

  2. My mother admired the paper her present was wrapped in – I decided to own up that it was actually Christmas stuff (black with stars on) and that I’d also used it for the boys birthdays

  3. I buy generic paper at Christmas & then use it all year round, makes me look organised when actaully I’m not! 😛

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