I can, but…

Year 4 are having a massive push on their times tables at the moment. They are practising them at every opportunity and testing one another, trying to achieve their targets and beat their own previous achievements. It is lovely to see the enthusiasm. I was asked over and over again today, in between other activities, to test one or another child on whichever times table they were working on.

Enter C, just before home time, who came up to me with an enormous smile on his face and said ‘I can do my four times table!’

Quick as a flash I said back, ‘ooooh, brilliant, what’s six times four?’

[Stunned silence]

‘…..Well….. I can, but….’

Me: irrepressible giggles. Thankfully he wasn’t offended bless him.

‘is it twenty?’

‘I think you need to practise it a bit more…’

I said the other day that volunteering with year 4 is keeping me sane. The above is just one example of why.


3 thoughts on “I can, but…

  1. That was always my problem. Recite them – yes – but answer “dodging about”? – no!
    Also, we must have been reciting them for over a year before the blinding flash in which i realize that seven sevens was seven more than six sevens
    I’m very glad that children learn tables, but I’m even gladder than they are now taught to understand them, and not just recite them!
    I get confused, though – we learned them in Upper 1 – aged around six – not sure how that compares with Year 4. My children stil had the Kinder, Trans, Form 1 approach

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