I want to blog…

…I just seem to lack the mental energy.

I’ll try a bit of stream of consciousness and see what happens. Bullet pointed of course, because when I’m not being queen of the post it notes, I’m queen of the bullet points.

– I had a fabulous weekend. Drove up to Bradford on Saturday for a friend’s 50th birthday party. Met some lovely new people and caught up with some fab friends who I haven’t seen for far too long. Knitting, chatting, hugs, giggles, delicious food; I had a great time.

– I stayed overnight in a brilliant B&B called Model Farm. This is in no way a sponsored post but I was so impressed that I would recommend the place to everyone! After a difficult week, I desperately needed a real break, and staying somewhere so lovely was just wonderful; a tonic for my frazzled soul.

– The next day I caught up with J and we sealed the deal on new terms for our relationship (now a friendship again) with a walk along the canal, a cup of tea and a hot cross bun. I had expected the whole afternoon to be heartbreaking but actually it was really really good. We have had an excellent year together and have parted as good friends, in the knowledge that both of our circumstances at the moment are not at all conducive to a committed relationship. We’re still plotting the odd camping trip here and there though; we are not burning our bridges entirely and get on far too well together to just turn our backs completely. I drove home feeling at peace and far more contented than I expected to.

– It is wonderful to see the children again and be back home with them all, and I’m glad I had the weekend away to recharge my parenting batteries a bit because over the past two days I’ve had each one of them at home for part of the school day because of either illness or injury! This morning was particularly time consuming, with a lot of time spent conversing with staff at both schools. Being an advocate for my children is very worthwhile but uses up a lot of energy and I fell asleep this afternoon by accident.

– After tea tonight, Three and I sat and played Battleships together. I’ve always loved it and haven’t played it for years, so when she got the game out of the cupboard to investigate it, I couldn’t resist. She soon got the hang of grid referencing and managed to sink all my battleships when I still had two of hers to go! She is struggling a bit to cope with all the family stress at the moment and I think some one to one game playing time was exactly what she (and I) needed.

– I’m so tired in the evenings at the moment. Last night by this time, my eyes were closing, and I’m not far off feeling the same tonight too. I have to put the rest of the slow cookered bolognese sauce into a tub for the freezer, wash the slow cooker and put porridge ready in the fridge for morning, and then as I’ve already had a bath and washed my hair this evening, I will take myself straight off to bed I think.

– I would very much like to make it in to school for my placement tomorrow (I had to miss last Wednesday due to aforementioned family stress). Signs at the moment are fairly favourable.

– I’m being the absolute best parent I know how to be at the moment. It never quite seems enough, but I’m sure even the most award winning parent never feels that he or she is doing enough, so I’m actually quite content with my efforts. Three children, three individual sets of needs (some quite urgent right now), and only one me. No wonder I’m feeling quite brain dead at the moment! I love my children to bits and they are more than worth it.

– Now, if anyone wants me, I’ll be in bed….


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