Spiderman, Snow White, Spellings and Sausages

Still feel fairly brain dead after the events of this week, though I did manage to get 8 hours of solid sleep last night which meant I felt like a new woman when I woke up this morning.

Went into school today. As ever, year 4 are just FAB. Two quotes, from two nine year old boys when I was reading with them this afternoon:

B1: “I am like a mixture of a ghostbuster and spiderman!” (He then went on to tell me that his dad is actually spiderman, and he is spiderboy and going to be spiderman when he grows up. He was very excited indeed about this prospect)

B2 (On seeing a picture in an information book taken from the Disney film of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves): “I hate watching that film. It’s like the Smurfs, except it’s different.”

I sat and marked 27 spelling tests while they did their Big Write. I love marking spelling tests; it is soothing and mindless and a fascinating insight into the children’s minds, all at the same time. This week’s spellings were extra difficult it seemed – and I came across about 15 different spellings of opportunity/oppertunite/opotunty etc. etc. However, I may possibly follow one child’s example and put a ‘y’ in all sorts of words e.g. ‘matyure, cyure, pyure’ šŸ™‚

I really do believe my days in year 4 are helping to keep me sane.

Slow Cooker + Microwave = Bliss. Last night’s sausage casserole heated up in 5 minutes for tea; stress free instant home cooked healthy food at the press of a button. Exactly what I needed this evening and a lot cheaper than a takeaway!


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