Well, I like the train, and I like Chester…

…but which one is better?

There’s only one way to find out!

No, no, not a FIGHT* but a trip to Chester on the train of course! And it turns out they are both equally good (apart from being sat on the floor in the train corridor on the way home because we happened to land on a very full one that was going all the way to Euston after it dropped us off in Crewe!).

A lovely lie in was a nice way to start the day. I heard the town centre clock strike 8, and then seemingly about 5 minutes later after lots more peaceful slumber, I heard it strike 9. Finally emerged from my bed at about quarter to 10; how blissfully lazy!

Two (oops, I mean One. Two and Three are both with their dad in another city altogether!) and I had a good time using our family railcard for the first time, thus saving about seven quid on the train fare to Chester for the two of us! We pottered about the city; she had a clothes budget for Primark and managed to get some things she really liked (including the snuggliest dressing gown I have ever seen; I’m quite envious!). We had a drink and a muffin in McDonald’s (as that is much cheaper than your average posh coffee shop, hehe!), looked round HMV, Poundland, Wilkinson’s, and a fab independent little shop full of the most amazing ‘alternative’ type clothes – I fell in love with half of them and I think One was in love with all of them! She is already eyeing up beautiful ‘gothy’ type dresses for her year 11 prom!

We got home in time for a bit of college work for me (including signing up for ‘Dropbox’ after someone else on my course recommended it following a disastrous corruption of some of her files on her memory stick which meant she had to write a huge chunk of her assignment again, eek) and a big clothes sort out for One – the ‘deal’ for having the money for clothes today was that she sorted out everything she doesn’t wear any more and got it all out of her room, so that she only has clothes that fit her and that she will wear, in there. A good job well done!

So it has been a day of fun and also productivity! I’ve really enjoyed spending some quality time with my gorgeous oldest daughter. 🙂

And now I am absolutely knackered and fit for nothing but an evening on the sofa! Early night for me I reckon

*With apologies to Harry Hill!


4 thoughts on “Well, I like the train, and I like Chester…

    • I love the way you read that even more carefully than I did when I wrote it, hehehehe! Will edit it now (but will do it so your comment does make sense still!)

  1. I bought half of Primark and H&M at the weekend on a similar bent – strict budget and a strict clear out of my wardrobe!

    Also, please ask One to stop thinking about her year 11 prom already – I swear she’s still only about 8… or however old she was on the occasion of the icing moustaches!

  2. Well done you!! I spent most of Sunday on the sofa feeling grumpy over my jobless state and thinking about signing again on Tuesday!!! Not good where my mind wanders off to sometimes. I made some mini carrot cakes to get me in a more constructive mood. My afternoon in school today has been cancelled due to someone being off sick. 😦 I may blog if I cannot think of anything to do. On a brighter note my loo now works brilliantly thanks to the attentions of my lovely plumber. 🙂 It had developed a rather spectacular leak in the middle of last week! AND my front gate is back in one piece thanks to the attention of my youngest son who seems to have inherited my Dads ability to fix things 🙂 🙂

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