Saturday bits and pieces

Oooh Bits and Pieces – just typing the title reminded me of the music quiz they used to do on the Radio One Roadshows in the 80s – remember that? I used to love trying to guess the songs from the ten three second snippets they played, but was completely useless at it!

Anyway. Sorry. Got sidetracked. Saturday.

– Walked to Tesco this morning for self raising flour to complete the making of the tea loaf. Mixed fruit soaked in tea overnight smelt AMAZING when I came downstairs! While I was in Tesco I went to the pharmacy to order a couple of things off my repeat prescription, and because it wasn’t a problem that they won’t be ready till Wednesday (I’ve ordered them in good time for once), the pharmacist said ‘I wish everybody was as organised as you‘. I half wanted to ask her to put that in writing and sign it!

– Coming down the travelator with my bag of flour, I was idly looking down at the sale clothes on rails on the bottom floor near the car park. Spotted a whole rack of shoes at £1 a pair. Went to have a nosy. Ended up buying a pair of purple wedge canvas sandals for One, and a pair of grey, studded toeless 3 inch stilettoes for me. An absolute bargain as I got £30 worth of shoes for £2! The highest heels I have ever worn have been about one and a half inches, but at that price I decided to take a risk! One was delighted with hers, and I had a practice run in mine – wore them round the house for an hour and have never been so tall before in my life, very odd suddenly being able to reach up to shelves more easily! Actually walking confidently is going to take more practice, but it is lots of fun trying!

– Baked the two tealoaves once I got home with the flour. Recipe said one and a half hours, I checked just before the time was up and they were getting to the ‘rather well cooked’ stage – I think next time I will check after an hour and then every 10 mins thereafter to catch them a little sooner, but they are delicious and were ridiculously simple to make.

– Took Three to the Beaver District Challenge. Surprised the leader rather when we turned up for an hour and a half event with a big overnight bag and her school bag. I joked that we thought it was a sleepover! Had a text from her dad later on to say that he had collected her successfully and taken her back to his house, and that she had had a great time; brilliant.

– I’ve tidied the two disaster area shelves in my bedroom and the whole room feels better for it. Slowly but surely the chaos and clutter is leaving my room again. This is good and I hope it will promote more restful sleep.

– Two and I are now on our own together until Monday. It feels eerily quiet! We have sat this afternoon/evening and watched all three episodes of Gok’s Teens: The Naked Truth on the Channel 4 website. It is excellent and I would say it is essential watching for all teenagers and parents of teenagers! We were riveted and I was very impressed by the empowering message it promoted.

– I think bed is my next plan. I was up pretty early this morning for a Saturday, buying flour and baking, and so tomorrow I don’t intend to get up until I really want to! Hurrah. One and I are planning a trip to Chester on the train at some point tomorrow (now I have received our family railcard) to do some window shopping and just get out of the house together – I think we could both do with the fresh air and change of scenery after a fairly stressful week one way or another.


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    • It is much more the case that I can’t cope with church the way it is any longer, in my current circumstances! I still have a strong faith and live it in my own way, but Sunday services / weekday evening meetings are just far beyond the level of cope for this exhausted single mum with three kids who mostly hate church and don’t want to be there.

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