A few Friday positives

– The sun is shining!

– Year 4 were fabulous as ever today when I went in for my placement.

– House stuff is still more or less under control after 3 weeks of Flylady routines.

– Since I tidied the dining room floor enough to actually get near enough the houseplants to water them regularly, they are thriving.

– I had a phonecall today which might be the start of a bit of extra support for our family and the things we struggle with. I’ll find out more later this week.

– One child told me he had asked to read with me especially, because ‘I like you, and I’d like you to be my mum!’ Awww! I did explain that I already have quite enough children and he did concede that his own mum is very nice too, LOL!

– We have a quiet weekend ahead of us; Two is with his dad now until Monday morning, and Three will join them tomorrow afternoon after she has represented her scout group at the District Beaver Challenge.

– I’m intending to soak some mixed fruit in Earl Grey overnight and make tea loaf tomorrow morning.

Gosh, that’s actually more than a few positives. Hurrah!


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