A few lovely things about today

– Walking to and from school this morning feeling as though spring is on the way. And seeing a lovely rainbow (though I’m not sure where it was raining, because it wasn’t on us!)

– All you can eat buffet at Pizza Hut for a friend’s birthday at lunchtime. I caught up with a couple of people I haven’t seen for ages, had some good conversations, and ate a great deal of pizza, pasta and salad.

– Getting the top of the piano sorted out. It has been absolutely covered in books, drawings, hair bobbles, important letters and random bits of paper that needed recycling; a pile about two feet high and teetering dangerously all the time, for months and months. After two lots of 15 minute sessions today, it is now clear, dusted, and has three pictures and three candles standing on it – to look beautiful and also to deter us from using it as a dumping ground again!

– Watching the children eat the pancakes I made yesterday for their tea. As I was still full of pizza etc. I saved some for me for later, but it was great to see them really enjoying their pancakes, and very funny to see Two’s face when he drank the leftover lemon juice! (All the face pulling in the world wouldn’t have stopped him from continuing to drink the lot though!)

– Going to the secondary school in the evening, with Mum, to watch One and the rest of the year 9, 10 and 11 Performing Arts students do their dance show. It was brilliant – One did really well in the two dances she was involved in, and I loved watching all of the different dances. There are many talented and creative kids at that school and it warmed my heart to see over 100 of them performing with professionalism and enthusiasm this evening.

– Getting the giggles at Two on the way home from the dance show. We walked past a takeaway which was advertising ‘Aromatic Shredded Crispy Duck’ on a handwritten sign we could see through the window. Two tends to read quickly and not always totally accurately and some of his pronunciations make me smile quite often. On this occasion he saw the sign and read it out loud: ‘Automatic Shredded Crispy Duck…’ After I cracked up laughing and explained what it actually said, we had lots of fun imagining what an automatic shredded duck would be like. Two did a rather wonderful, if slightly morbid, ‘Quack quack bshhhhhhhh’ sound – of a duck going into an electric shredder!

– Heating up my own pancakes, finally, at about quarter past nine and thoroughly enjoying them, in the traditional manner with plenty of lemon and sugar! I definitely over-bought on the lemons though, and need to find a good recipe for lemon cake or something to use them up! (Preferably before Two gets chance to eat them all… seriously that boy will eat anything…)


2 thoughts on “A few lovely things about today

  1. Tana Ramsey’s Lemon drizzle cake on the BBC Good Food Website. It’s a bog standard 4 4 4 and 2 cake multiplied up, but it gets great reviews and I did think it particularly good when I made it.

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