First sign of madness…

After a day in which I:

– pored over my post it notes

– did lots of typing

– completed Task One (all 1525 words of it)

– did some more research and note making for Task Two (2000 words, as yet unwritten)

– sorted out The Shoe Basket Of Doom

– sat and watched mindless TV for about three hours (massive treat to self; I never do that!)

I just found myself standing in my bathroom, drying myself with my towel, sticking little bits of loo roll on various bits of myself, and lamenting in a loud voice (to myself, as there is nobody else here) about why I can’t seem to shave my legs without making myself bleed, every single flipping time…

…and then I remembered the bathroom window was open.


I fear there is crazy cat lady-dom in my future if I carry on like this!


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