A quick post while the pasta cooks

One complained yesterday that all my recent blog posts have been about tidying the house. She has a point. But keeping to my routines and getting tidy have been very important to me this week, having hit what was probably an all time low the week before. The only way was up, and it was time to start climbing, one rung at a time.

Anyway, I think I can manage a post without too much tidying in it!

Today is the first official day of half term and it has been lovely to have a break from the usual hamster wheel of school runs and appointments.

– After a weekend of very long lie ins, I set my alarm for nine o’clock and managed to get out of bed soon after half past.

– I went out to meet a friend, D, for a cup of tea in Costa. D is someone I admire, respect and look up to (he’s almost old enough to be my dad, and taller than me too though the taller part isn’t difficult!). He is someone I love to talk to, always has some real nuggets of truth to come out with, and meeting up with him today did me a huge amount of good. Set me up for the rest of the week. 🙂

– Also bumped into a reader of this blog (hi Lou) who was celebrating some good news, which made me smile lots!

– I finally got to the bank and paid in the road tax refund from the DVLA from my previous dearly departed car.

– I’ve filled in the dreaded questionnaire for the company responsible for deciding if I really am depressed enough to not be able to cope with jobseeking at the moment. Writing down how the depression has affected me on my worst days was not a pleasant or cheerful experience. Meh. I’ve been feeling a fair bit better this past week and being so negative about myself was almost enough to send me into a decline. However, I posted off the questionnaire and resolved to forget about it again for now. It’s a relief to have it done.

– Made eggy bread for lunch which was scrumptious, but managed to put one slice in the frying pan enthusiastically enough to splash hot oil on my hand, so I now have three lovely red splash marks running from my thumb to my wrist. Not big and not clever, oops!

– Somehow fell asleep for a couple of hours on the sofa, which was entirely unintentional. Woke up when I heard One telling the other two it was 5.38… eek! Leapt up so quickly to get tea ready that I fear I am still half asleep and can’t stop yawning.

– Blogging has woken me up a bit, and now the pasta is ready…


4 thoughts on “A quick post while the pasta cooks

  1. It was LOVELY to see you today…you do look brighter than the last time I saw you. Well done! You are getting there even if it feels like two steps forward and one step back.
    I find it hard to believe that I have spent ALL of this year chasing paperwork that was sent to the Job Centre two weeks before Christmas so it was worth the celebration. I indulged in a large Mocha decaf and chocolate twist. The former was large enough to dunk my head in and for some reason always reminds me of Dawn French in the ‘Vicar of Dibly’ dunking her head in a chocolate fountain. It was supposed to be decaf but judging by the amount of energy and the rapid heartbeat I think they may have forgotten that bit! The latter is gorgeous but very difficult to describe…a bit like a Croissant but with something very slightly custardy in the middle. Something you should definitely try so I will treat you when the kids go back to school!
    I like your posts about cleaning your house…I too have discovered FLYing!! Cheesy but it works. 🙂

  2. Those sort of forms are horrible – I know that the only way they can get the information they need is for us to go into horrible detail, but it is so draining doing so. Well done for getting it finished and I have my fingers firmly crossed for you.

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