A little daylight

One of the characters in one of the Miss Read books, perfect comfort reads for me – shame I can’t remember which character or which book – says that she always goes for a walk after tea on February 1st because it is finally light enough to do so. And as the daylight begins to stretch later into each day, I seem to be slowly, tentatively, emerging from the darkness and chaos that has embodied my life for the past few weeks.

Hot on the heels of the tidy pantry came the shiny sink. And with the shiny sink came the decision to try following the Flylady system again for the first time in several years. It isn’t for everyone, and I find I need to tweak it for our home and family circumstances, but it did wonders for the chaos in our house and in my head when I had two tiny children, and thought it was probably worth a try again given I have pretty much entirely reached the end of my levels of cope recently.

All I have done so far is made myself very simple checklists for morning, daytime and before bed. It has the bare essentials on it only – I am very good at getting tangled up with non-important stuff and forgetting the basics.

And over the past two days, the house has been slowly changing. We now have a tidy living room and pantry (which were already done), plus a tidy kitchen, entrance hall and bathroom. I’ve found a document I desperately needed but couldn’t locate the other day, whilst doing a 15 minute declutter in the dining room today. I’ve got some college work done, and made a good start on tidying my tip of a bedroom.

I definitely feel less overwhelmed than I did a couple of days ago, and the tiny basic routines are giving me the structure I struggle so badly with creating for myself, and helping me to feel my way carefully, one step at a time, through each day, which I really need at the moment.

With tidying the pantry, which started all this off, came the re-discovery of the sandwich toaster I bought in Asda one day when I was pregnant with Three and craving toasties. I had toasties every day for months and then eventually it started gathering dust. Today I got it out and fed the girls cheese and beans toasties for their tea before I went out to college.

Making delicious toasties – approximately five minutes. Cleaning the wretched thing afterwards – approximately five hours…  now I remember why it was gathering dust! 😉 However, I believe the toasties were worth it and we will be using it more often. I’ll have to try and remember all the interesting sandwich combinations I thought were so delicious when I was pregnant back in the day!


2 thoughts on “A little daylight

  1. It’s in one I’ve read recently, but I don’t think it’s Tyler’s Row, which was the last one I read. It might be Over the Gate or The Fairacre Festival.

  2. I have never met the Fly Lady before…then I noticed your comment the other day…so I went to have a look. A bit cheesy but I like the approach. I did a 15 minute declutter yesterday and I too found an important piece of paper 🙂 I am about to embark on my very first sink shinning expedition. I have also got my shoe on!! Have a good day and enjoy the daylight. 🙂

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