Today’s achievements

I’ve had a bath, got into my pyjamas and made a big mug of tea. I feel extremely tired this evening, and when I think about what I’ve managed to do today, I’m actually not surprised!

– Walked to school with One and Three. I’ve got very lazy recently and been using the car for what is an easily walkable journey; it’s my aim to try to walk either in the morning or the afternoon at least three times a week (out of 10 school journeys that doesn’t sound like many, I know, but it’s a step up from zero and I don’t want to set my targets too high too soon!)

– Been to see nice Dr U for the next lot of antidepressants. Explained that in general I actually am starting to feel better and more positive than I have for several years (this is blowing my mind slightly), but that the past couple of weeks have been pretty dreadful. He asked why I thought that was and I blamed January, among other things. I think everyone is suffering from the lack of daylight at the moment, and I’m no exception. I have another sick note to sign me off jobseeking for the next 2 months.

– Had a sudden inexplicable urge to sort out the very untidy and neglected pantry. Balanced on kitchen steps; cleared and wiped all three shelves; decluttered three binbags full of rubbish (I get so cross when the children put empty cereal packets back in the cupboard, but it appears I am equally naughty for putting empty cleaning spray bottles back in the pantry…); discovered I own five coolbags of different sizes, and put two mildewy ones through a hot wash; managed to reclaim the entire wide bottom shelf for the washing basket, clothes pegs, washing tablets and fabric conditioner. That bottom shelf previously held a huge mess of flasks, plastic cups and plates, torches, and all manner of precariously balanced stuff that kept falling off.

– Spent the rest of the day wandering in and out of the pantry, looking at my tidy, half empty shelves, grinning and patting myself on the back. πŸ™‚

– Made barbecue flavoured chicken wings and oven chips for myself and the girls for tea. And very nice they were too (even if I did cheat and use a packet mix).

– Made a meal plan (based heavily on the things we never got around to eating from last week’s meal plan because the whole week seemed to fall to pieces) and a shopping list which was gratifyingly short.

– Took both girls to Tesco and survived the grocery shopping intact, remembering everything grocery-wise, even toothpaste which we desperately needed but I’d forgotten to put on the list! Was wilting quite seriously by the time we got back to the car though.

– Got cross with myself for forgetting to bring my, and One’s prescriptions, which I was going to get sorted at Tesco Pharmacy. Am hoping to manage to walk round there with them tomorrow sometime instead.

– Put away all the shopping and did the washing up.

After all that I’m really not surprised I am fit for nothing but flopping on the sofa with a cuppa! Especially as tomorrow I have a morning appointment, a lunchtime appointment and have to take One to an after school appointment as well.

Last night, sleep proved elusive until well after midnight. I am hoping and expecting that I will not have that same problem tonight!


5 thoughts on “Today’s achievements

  1. That sounds like a really busy day – I’m just amazed you can still find the energy to post! But it’s lovely to be reading posts from you and getting a real sense of energy from them, thank goodness for the antidepressants and for the fact that they are making a real difference.

  2. lovely to see you coping so well with the daily normal tasks of life . Well done Helen, its not easy but you deserve the pat on the back and a x from us over here

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