Since last Friday, life has been something of a rollercoaster of weird. I don’t want to go into it all here, but unexpected events have ruled the week, let’s say.

This Friday, I am writing this sitting curled up on my sofa, companionably in the same room as my two daughters who are doing their own thing. Two is spending the weekend on his own with his dad, and then will be off on his school residential trip to North Wales on Monday morning. Thus I won’t see him until next Friday. That feels weird; there will be a Two shaped hole in our home this week.

The family dynamic always changes when one person is taken out of the equation. Much as I miss the one who has gone away, I always rather relish a slight change of personnel now and again. I think it does us all good; the one who has gone to have a different experience, and those of us left behind too.

I feel emotionally wrung out after various events this week. I am very thankful for the prospect of a weekend of not much. Some reflection (and visiting Mum) is on the cards, as tomorrow will be the third anniversary of my dad’s death (how, how has that time gone so quickly?). An early night tonight and a lie in tomorrow morning. I need to catch up on some sleep and then work on getting my sleep patterns sorted out.

Friday evening. With the promise of a quiet, chilled weekend with my two girls. After a stormy turbulent week, the forecast looks set to be calmer.


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