“Drive for 300 yards, then turn right”

Car stalls while I am parking in a tight space

Me: Oops! Stalled.

Three: The sat nav should have a voice which says ‘stalled’, whenever you stall the car. That would be really very useful!

Me: No it wouldn’t… I would just punch it for stating the obvious!

Things feel a bit tricky at the moment. I feel as though something or someone is saying ‘STALLED’ in big letters over my life. Unexpected happenings keep sticking spanners in the works of my plans, big and small. None of which I feel I want to talk about in any detail in this blog at the moment I’m afraid!

I feel as though this stalling time is a kind of turning point. Time to turn off the stalling engine, then turn it on again, put myself in gear and slowly, steadily, drive forwards again. With renewed vision, a slightly altered view, and that same determination that keeps getting me up again and pushing me onwards,

Life as a journey. A hackneyed, overused metaphor but for good reason in my view! I feel as though I’ve been travelling recently in a slightly out of control sports car, desperately trying to turn the wheel in the direction I want to go, and finding it impossible to steer away from the brick wall I was about to crash into. The crash has occurred and the car is a write off. I’m setting off again now with my walking boots on and a good rucksack which I’m slowly trying to fill with the good resources and support I need to help us as a family. I want to walk steadily and enjoy  the view, really take in what I see around me.

I can but try. And the next time the sat nav says “you have reached your destination”, who knows where I will be?


3 thoughts on ““Drive for 300 yards, then turn right”

  1. Sometimes when you stall the car, you hear the birds sing, you see an unexpected view, or you just get a chance to catch your breath. Stalling is good for you.

    Stalling is never a big deal (I did it 3 times in my driving test and still passed!) but how you deal with it is what matters.

    I hope your journey takes you not only where you want to go and be, but also where you need to – sometimes the same place, sometimes poles apart!!

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