Warning: Christmas decorations can be hazardous to your health

Feeling tired and sad today, after a frankly rather weird weekend. Spent the day mostly on the sofa, resting, sleeping and desponding a bit, though I did manage to have a bath, wash and straighten my hair, and get out a nice purple coat to wear which I keep forgetting I’ve got. Self care, I haz it…

Made a long ‘List of Doom and Determination’. Called at Mum’s house on the way home from the school run and had a cuppa with her, which wasn’t on the list but did me lots of good.

Picked up the monthly newsletter from her (our) old church back in Derbyshire which she gets sent through the post, and flicked through for news of people I remember. One particular snippet posed an awful lot more questions than it answered:

“J……. P……. had a nasty accident while he was dismantling the Christmas decorations at the front of the church.”

I defy anyone to read that sentence without shrieking ‘but how? what? Tell us what happened! Strangled by tinsel? Squashed by a Christmas tree? Clonked on the head by a nativity scene baby Jesus? You can’t just leave it there….!’

Obviously I am very sorry for J….. P….. but he inadvertently gave me the biggest smile I have managed all day.


4 thoughts on “Warning: Christmas decorations can be hazardous to your health

  1. Yes, how very provoking of them. Of course, if you belonged to that church you’d know… and it’s possible that JP didn’t want details of his or her pratfall broadcast. They probably fell off the ladder getting the angel down from the top.

  2. I think drinking tea should be on every to-do list. I’m going to add it to mine from now on.

    I so want to know what happened too.

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