When you’ve done both school runs of the day with a pair of jeans hastily pulled on in the morning and a hoodie covering your pyjama top

When you’ve been on the sofa all day apart from two trips to the kitchen to make tea and toast

When you finally start the washing up at 3.55 that’s been waiting to be done since teatime yesterday

When everything just feels too difficult

Then you know it probably isn’t a very good mental health day.


Parents’ evening for Two tonight, his first one at secondary school. I have fourteen teachers to see.

Time to force myself into clothes, have a wash, clean my teeth and put my ‘everything is fine’ face on for the evening. I can do this, I can…!

Tomorrow is another day.


6 thoughts on “When

  1. When you’ve managed to do both school runs AND managed to hide the pjs, and when you’ve managed to do the washing up AND when it had only been there since yesterday teatime, and when you’ve managed to eat and drink, I think that’s pretty good going for a bad mental health day!

    At least you already know your way round the school and may know some of the teachers – good luck and if it’s too difficult is there a member of staff you can quietly tell and arrange to do the others by phone?

    I was putting stuff into my new car and playing around with it in my pjs this afternoon (and still haven’t got out of them…)

    big hugs xx

  2. Blimey, parents’ evening sounds hard work. We get five minutes with a form tutor who doesn’t know who she is, and that’s it! But at least with your version you might find out something useful.

    I hope tomorrow is better.

  3. When… you have days like that…try to remember that this too shall pass, that there were some good bits…Today has been a good day because you did the school run, you made it to the sofa, you have eaten, you have made mugs of tea, you washed up, and you are going to tackle parents evening. WELL DONE…YOU ARE DOING GREAT…EVEN IF YOU CAN’T SEE IT YET *loud clapping cheering and whoop whooping* 🙂

  4. You have been more productive than me today 😦 Good luck tonight, we only get to see their Tutor now, but to be fair she knows them inside out & back to front!

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