The local news

One [In a newsreader-y type voice]: “And now, here is the local news. Which is basically all the same news, but read by someone in a shabbier jacket…”

My children are delighting me, utterly, today. Parenting is extremely hard work at times, particularly when you’re doing it single handed, but moments like today remind me why it is all worth while. The atmosphere among us all has been lovely tonight; loving and chatty and accepting and smiley – it’s one of those days where I think ‘I’m doing this; we’re surviving and it’s working’.

So this blog post is gathering a quote from each of the children from today, beginning as you have seen with One in newsreader mode.

Two’s quote is short, but meant a tremendous amount to me this morning as I dropped him off at school:

Me: Bye ducky! Have a lovely day!

Two: Oh, yes, I’m sure I will!

That doesn’t sound much, does it? But coming from a child who struggled so much in his latter days at primary school, who dreaded going there each day and who came out with a cloud over his head every afternoon – coming from a child who assumed on a daily basis that he would have a terrible day, and who entered those gates every morning with the expectation that it would all be awful – hearing ‘oh yes, I’m sure I will’ brought joy to my heart. He is like a different child since he left primary and moved across the big field to high school. He’s back to his old self, is blossoming into his own quirky personality once more and I am thrilled to see him growing into a lovely, caring, interesting individual after all the difficulties he has had.

As for Three, I feel I have to share tonight’s ‘Big Talk’ homework with you. In their ‘Big Write’ session later in the week, they each have to write a letter to a character in a traditional story. She has chosen to write a letter to the Big Bad Wolf in the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Here is her rough draft to give her some ideas for the letter she will write in class on Thursday (spelled her own way, no corrections):

Dear B.B. wolf

I am complaingng because you did not ask to eat granny and because you did not cook granny eather. I would not eat her raw it’s bad for you i’m warning you just to stop eating raw meat, anyway it’s disgusting. How could you like it! By the way you realy should not play tricks like that on me or ether granny, it’s not nice. And you soudnt try to eat me eather you realy scared me and granny. Also how did you know where grannys house was it’s very confuseing and strange.

from littel red ridding hood

p.s Remeber to stop eating pepol raw and ask before you do OK so remeber.

And because she suddenly appears to be growing up and altering so quickly at the moment, here is a gratuitous photograph of Three, taken today, aged 7 years, 8 and a bit months:

Yes, it was me that cut that fringe…. I know it isn’t my finest work! More to the point, how on earth did she get to look this grown up all of a sudden?! She may always be the youngest, but she certainly isn’t a baby any more…


2 thoughts on “The local news

  1. I was just thinking there is NO WAY Three is nearly 8. She was a baby when I first started talking to you!

    What wonderful quotes from the kids 😀 I’m so glad to hear that Two, in particular, is doing okay.

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