Today has been a good day because…

Inspired by a comment on Facebook!

– Mr Tesco came and delivered a week’s worth of groceries which I ordered last night  while standing in this very spot in the kitchen in my slippers. I didn’t have to brave the queues or the rain, and we now have Real Food again in order to make Actual Meals.

– I got Three to school on time this morning despite not knowing she was meant to be there today until 10.30 last night. She didn’t know she was meant to be there until 7.20 this morning! And we walked.

– I have eaten – no, savoured – the last of an incredibly delicious bar of fairtrade orange and spice dark chocolate which was a very timely gift from my bestest friend in the whole wide world (who lives too far away *sulk*)

– I had a Skype video conversation with partner J this afternoon (even if all I did mostly was look gloomy and not say much… sorry!)

– I enjoyed listening to all three children sharing out their Christmas gift (a big tin of chocolates) into three separate bags, equally and fairly. They cooperated really sensibly and kindly and it was a pleasure to listen to them all. What lovely considerate children I have 🙂

– I have a very comfy squishy sofa, and a lovely purple carpet which has made my day confined mostly in the living room a much nicer experience than it would have been a few months ago.

– Tea in the new mug I got for Christmas, which is exactly the right shape and size, and says ‘I love tea’ on it in nice big letters!

– We have a lovely guest joining us for tea, which I am managing to cook as I type this post (laptop balanced on top of the microwave).

– My knitting mojo might be finally returning as I am starting to itch to carry on with a certain sheepy scarf this evening (probably while I watch One Born Every Minute which also returns tonight on Channel 4, love that!).


2 thoughts on “Today has been a good day because…

  1. I had one of those awful misreads and thought for a ghastly moment that you were cooking your guest in the microwave! Then I read what you’d actually written…..

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