Hello 2012

Traditionally, the first blog post of a new year is either a reflection on the year just passed, or hope etc. for the year to come.

I’m flying in the face of tradition and here on my blog it is business as usual one day at a time! Have some bullet points as I don’t have enough energy for paragraphs today:

– I’m having a bad couple of days depression-wise. This has mostly been manifest by not feeling able to get out of bed till lunchtime yesterday and then pinning myself to the sofa under a blanket, with tea and chocolate for a lot of the time, worrying, stressing and panicking about things I really don’t need to be wasting the energy worrying about.

– I also haven’t been sleeping well or eating properly. Not sure how much I can do about the sleep, but I did a Tesco groceries order last night which arrived this morning which means we have healthy, real food in the house again and meals planned for a whole week. I haven’t meal planned for months, and it used to be something I just did without thinking.

– I was convinced all three children returned to school tomorrow, until last night when I spotted a post on facebook saying the primary school returned today. Panicked, checked the school website, found it was true. Poor Three had no idea and was fast asleep! Thankfully she didn’t object to be woken by surprise this morning and told it was a school day after all, and was just excited to see her friends. That is the first time I have ever got it wrong, and thank goodness for facebook. I am so disorganised at the moment.

– It is lovely for me and the children to all be at home in the same place at the same time after our Christmas and new year travelling around. I have really enjoyed the travelling, but it is also nice to stop and be able to begin to tackle the house chaos a little bit at a time. A very little bit at a time, it turns out, given how I’ve been feeling!

– One has her lovely friend here for the afternoon and for tea. It is always a pleasure to have her here. I think I had better get on and feed us all soon. At least I know what I’m cooking (Chicken Kievs, chips and peas; an easy meal tonight) and have all the ingredients to hand!

– I know this gloomy, not-coping phase will pass. I hope it passes soon and the little things I am managing to achieve will soon feel less like wading through treacle.


7 thoughts on “Hello 2012

  1. I enjoyed this post Helen, I have been wondering about my first blog of the year… It seems it may be along the lines of, ‘2011 was a really shit year I wonder if 2012 will be worse!!’ I too have been worrying about things I have no power over, amazing how easy it is to get sucked in. It sounds like you did a good job of getting through today, well done!!
    Tomorrow is a new day. You don’t need to go there yet 🙂

  2. I also think you’re coping incredibly well – a few weeks ago you wouldn’t have been able to do the Tesco’s order or cope with an extra child around for a meal and you have done those things! Well done and be gentle on yourself xx

  3. It sounds as though you’re coping incredibly well.

    I know that in the past you’ve found Flylady helpful – maybe worth trying again? I gather it can help you feel less overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done.

  4. I think you’re coping brilliantly! I know it’s hard but try not to beat yourself up over what you haven’t done. What you have achieved is more important, and you are bound to be your own worst critic x

  5. well done Helen and 1,2 &3. I tend to sleep late too and today I set our fire alarms off when trhe sausages I was frying got very brown and a worried husband was rushing around trying to make them quiet again…..so much for p;lanning our meal. All fed and tv watching again while the wind outside sounds rough and cold. You are doing amazingly and the de;ression will pass…..x

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