That’s my boy…

Two’s first words to me this morning as I stood outside his room drying my hair in front of the landing mirror:

“Mum, I’ve found a typing mistake in this Famous Five book I’m reading!”

I am training them well…

Two and Three are off shortly to see the new year in with their dad. One and I will be driving off later to spend it with my partner and his children. I had the worst insomnia last night I have ever had and as a consequence I’ve had virtually no sleep and feel completely crap.I have countered this by washing, drying and straightening my hair so that I look fabulous, even if I don’t feel it! 😉

I am not a massive fan of New Year’s Eve. At all. But I will put away my Bah Humbug face and enjoy spending time with lovely people. Enjoy yourselves everyone, however you choose to spend your time. I’m not doing resolutions but hope to continue blogging reasonably frequently in the next however long. 🙂


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