Christmas Eve

The day started with a lie in, reading one of my very favourite Christmas chapters from a classic children’s book, on my Kindle. I am sure many of you will recognise it – it is essential Christmas reading for me!

Once we were all up, there was a lot of relaxing going on. One chose to relax by playing on the Wii Fit – but not in the most effective or correct way possible! Here she is doing a yoga pose while sitting in the armchair. The image on the TV screen shows what she was supposed to be doing!

The other two, meanwhile, had fun sharing a game on the laptop:

We were lucky enough to receive a Tesco voucher from family friends which meant I could go and buy Christmas chocolates! Hurrah!

We went to church for the crib service. It was lovely. Carols, craft activities and glowsticks! I did take a photo on my phone of the beautiful star decorations which they hang from the lights every year, but decided in the end that it didn’t do them justice, so no photo here. It was good to see several people we knew from various places, especially Helen and Jonnie who we possibly haven’t seen for a whole year!

We made magic reindeer food – traditionally porridge oats and glitter, but as we were out of glitter, we used these pretty Christmassy sequins instead:

We sprinkled the reindeer food out in the back yard. The oats will smell delicious, and the sequins will glitter in the moonlight, so the reindeer will be guided to our house!:

We watched A Muppet Christmas Carol, which is undoubtedly the best Christmas film OF ALL TIME. We watch this every year on Christmas Eve, so that we can sing along to ‘There’s only one more sleep till Christmas’, and mean it!:

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…”:

“In the hope that St. Nicholas soon would be there” (to eat his mince pie, drink his milk, read his letters and pass the carrot on to Rudolph!):

And yes, I did read them all The Night Before Christmas at bedtime, though there isn’t photographic evidence of that bit!

Here is my Christmas treat – makes a change from tea once the kids have gone to bed!:

It has been really lovely this year to share Christmas Eve with the children. I packed as many family traditions in as I could, and we’ve had a good day together.

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


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