Christmas Eve Eve

A few bullet points to catch up a bit since my last blog post in which I was procrastinating from finishing my assignment, if I remember correctly!

– I finished the assignment. I wrote my reflective statement the next morning and got it all emailed off to the tutor by lunchtime. A huge relief to get rid of it! In my tutorial with her in the evening, I admitted it probably wasn’t my best work and that it didn’t so much conclude as just come to a stop…. but never mind. We shall see in due course what sort of mark it was worth and I really don’t mind as long as it passed!

– The following day, Friday, was the last day of term. I was in school and spent the morning playing games with the children and the afternoon singing carols in the hall. And it absolutely threw it down with snow all day – huge fluffy flakes which settled on the playground. It was completely magical for the last day of term before Christmas!

– Slightly scary was the bit after school where Three and I went to collect our new car. A Nissan Almera Tino, it is a mini MPV and I love it. It will suit our family very well. Driving it home in the slush was rather worrying but I managed it without crashing into anyone!

– On Saturday morning I waved the children off with their dad for their early Christmas with him, and jumped on a train to Manchester Piccadilly. I stayed in a hotel in the city centre all by myself, which was a huge treat and absolute bliss, and went to the Apollo Theatre to see the Saw Doctors perform the final gig of their current UK tour. I loved it. I didn’t mind a bit that I was there all on my own – I was right up near the front and didn’t need to speak to anyone to know I was among friends – Saw Doctors fans are like that πŸ™‚ I danced, jumped up and down, sang along to everything, shrieked, waved my arms in the air and generally had a wonderful time.

– On Sunday I took the train back to Crewe and then took the new car on its first proper journey to go and visit my partner for a few days. For the first two days I was full of cold and very very grumpy, but on Tuesday I started feeling better, thank goodness, and we managed to do some Christmas shopping, which helped me to feel a little more organised. I’d been dreading Christmas in general but I actually found myself starting to look forward to it by the end of the few days.

– Early Thursday morning I drove home to Crewe, having stayed up till 2am watching the repeat of the last 2 episodes of The Killing Series 2 – a Danish crime thriller with subtitles on BBC4 which J and I have got totally addicted to. Did a bit more Christmas shopping, met Mum for lunch (yum!), took her on a couple of errands in the new car (she likes it), went home full of good intentions and fell asleep. Oops.

– Woke up early evening, nipped to Asda and George for the last bits of Christmas presentage, then spent the evening watching Jam and Jerusalem series 1 on dvd back to back, and wrapping absolutely everything! I am so pleased to have all that done and dusted and I don’t think I’ve ever got all the wrapping done before Christmas Eve before. Loved J&J as well – must re-watch the second and third series soon!

– Today the children returned and it rained and rained and rained and rained. Lovely to see them all and they were full of excitement about their early Christmas with their dad and the presents they have received. Excellent! I managed to finally get the lights up round the mantelpiece and string up the cards we have received. The living room, particularly with the new carpet, looks lovely and tidy and cosy and Christmassy now. Almost like it is someone else’s house! Then I go in the dining room, which is still a complete tip, and feel far more at home; LOL!

– Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and will feature several key family traditions. We will watch ‘A Muppet Christmas Carol’ on dvd. We will go to a crib service at one of the local churches. And we will sprinkle reindeer food in the back yard (porridge oats mixed with glitter, which shines in the moonlight and leads the reindeer to our house!). As the children were not with me last Christmas Eve, this year feels a bit extra special.

– I am taking December very much one day at a time. I’ve had a few good days in a row. This is good. πŸ™‚


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