A day in the life…

General gist of the conversation I had with the nice grandma I sometimes see at the school gates this morning:

G: How are you?

Me: Argh! I have too much to doooooo! How do you prioritise when everything is equally important? I am going home to make a list and it will make me cry!

G: [General sympathetic noises and probably wishing she had never asked!]

So I came home and headed an A4 sheet of paper with the immortal words ‘List of Doom’. I spent some considerable time writing down everything I need to accomplish before the end of the week plus a few things that I need to accomplish before Christmas but might forget if I don’t write them down right now.

I didn’t cry. Go me….

I then went down the list and wrote an ‘M’ for Monday against everything that was absolutely urgent. And here for your delectation (and to make me feel better) is the list of the things I actually have managed to achieve today:

Re-wash load in machine

I can’t remember how long the wet washing has been sitting in the washing machine this time around. Possibly about a week? In any case, I didn’t even dare open the door to see if it had gone mouldy. I just stuck a new washing tablet and dose of fabric conditioner in the drawer, and set it washing all over again.

– Wash the pots

I washed all the pots from the previous three meals. It came to quite a lot of plates, bowls, pans etc. It was nice to get a kitchen surface or two back again!

– Doctors 10.15

Dr. U talked to me about how things are going (verdict: I feel physically better as I’m getting more sleep than I have for ages but I feel mentally no better at all yet and can’t quite face Christmas), prescribed me the next lot of antidepressants and wrote me a sick note excusing me from another four weeks of jobseeking. He then said wryly ‘try to enjoy the festive season…’ well at least it made me laugh!

– Book One an appt. at GP

Done at the reception desk straight after my own appointment. I’m taking her back there tomorrow after school, coincidentally to see the same doctor I saw today!

– Pick up poo

We had my partner J, his younger children and their two King Charles Cavalier spaniels to stay for the weekend. The dogs are very sweet but produce an awful lot of, erm…. waste, for such small creatures. We were doing the ‘poo dance’ down the yard every time we wanted to put rubbish in the bins! All picked up now and the yard is safe once more.

– Book hotel Manchester

This is a very big treat to myself – a night in a hotel All By Myself after going to see my favourite band The Saw Doctors in Manchester this weekend!

– Three’s Christmas present

Purchased from Amazon.co.uk. Sssshhhhhhh – it’s a secret!

– Two’s Christmas present

Purchased via Ebay. Ssssshhhhhh – that’s a secret too!

Hang up washing

The re-washed washing went on the radiators straight away after the machine finished –  a huge improvement on last time! Also – and this is very impressive; please applaud – I finally fetched in the washing off the line which had been hanging out there for nearly a fortnight. That has gone on the radiators too and stands a far greater chance of drying in here…

Pay credit cards

A tiny bit more debt paid off, one month at a time…

– Collect Three’s glasses

Three had her first eye test at the optician’s last Friday, having been signed off from the Orthoptic Clinic at the hospital recently. The two of us walked up into town after school to collect her new glasses. They are very stylish and grown up and we are very pleased indeed with them!

– Wash hair

My goodness but it needed it. This brings us up to date as I am now sitting blogging with damp hair.

There are two items left undone on the list marked ‘M’. One is an email to send, and the other is to write 1000 words of the assignment which is due in on Thursday – I have 3000 words still to write before then! It could be a late night I think.


7 thoughts on “A day in the life…

  1. that is a brilliant list of achievements – very VERY well done you. Yes you still have the essay to work on, but you have been able to do all sorts of other things and sort the essay into 3 lumps rather than leaving it till wednesday and having major major woe about which is I think what would have happened a couple of weeks ago. Even if you can’t see much improvement, reading this I can!

    And yes I often have to do the “re-wash the washing” thing too….

    Many hugs and a well deserved cup of tea xx

  2. I’m so glad it’s not just me that leaves things too long in the washing machine and has to rewash them 🙂 You’re doing really well at the moment. Hope you enjoy the Saw Doctors at the weekend xx

  3. And you blogged too…I haven’t in ages! Well done you. Truely an impressive list far more extensive than mine today! It went ok to start with…1. Take mortgage paperwork to bank, (panic slightly as it may take three weeks to process).
    2. Collect my present to myself from Comet, (panic slightly as I left the reciept on the counter).
    3.Attempt to collect prescription from GP…fail dismally as there is nowhere to park, (get annoyed with silly driver who is driving straight towards me in the wrong direction. Am I the only person who drives in the direction of the arrows?)
    4. Pick up poo…Why does Sooty always poo in the most awkward inaccessible parts of the garden? Attempt to exercise said animal by throwing his ball for him.Sooty more interested in keeping a watchful eye out for the postman from an armchair by the window.
    5. Give up 4.Make some lunch instead. Have a medium sized nap or indeed a supersized one. Welcome children home from school. Whoops! I don’t usually power nap for that long…honest. 😉

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