There is nothing quite like a nice cup of tea…

… and a nice cup of tea is just what I am indulging in as I write this quick post to reassure myself and my readers that I haven’t fallen off the edge of this blog and into a dark hole of swirling chaos. I am treading water in the swirling chaos most days at the moment but haven’t actually drowned yet…

The biggest positive this week has been the advent of a beautiful purple living room carpet into our lives. It was bought for me a few weeks ago by my absolutely wonderful ‘not-in-laws’ – my partner J’s parents, whom I loved dearly twenty years ago, missed dreadfully when the two of us split up in 1992, and am delighted to love even more dearly now we are back together all these years later. It appears the affection is entirely mutual and they decided they really wanted to buy a carpet to aid the transformation of my living room which I began last year by painting it cream, and continued this year by purchasing a lovely squishy terracotta second hand sofa and armchair.

The carpet having been purchased, I then began to panic dreadfully about how on earth I was going to get from floorboards to carpet when I am currently struggling to cope with life well enough to wash clothes or get nutritious food on the table regularly. There were tears. Quite a lot of them.

J then came to my rescue by conspiring secretly with my mum who contacted a carpet fitter and organised it all; neither of them told me until plans were well advanced. Yesterday was the day, and mum came in the morning to help me move as much clutter and furniture out of the room as we could manage between us. The carpet fitters arrived, blockaded mum and I into the dining room with chair and sofabed in the doorway (we took solace in toast and hot drinks while they worked!), and less than an hour later they presented me with my new, warm, soft, gorgeous, purple carpet. The room is totally transformed.

Just some purple curtains to go up (which were also a gift from J’s mum), hopefully at the weekend, and then the room will be finished; warm, cosy and really lovely for the winter. We finally have a living room like the ones I have long coveted through other people’s front windows (I bet I am not the only one who likes peeping into other people’s houses when it’s going dark and they haven’t shut their curtains yet…), and because everything came out for the carpet to go in, and I didn’t put it all back, it is a very tidy cosy haven for all of us to relax in. I love it.

And none of it would have happened without my mum and J’s family, who also feel like my family too. On my own, I’m struggling to cope with everyday life, but I have the most amazing people around me and I am not taking any of them in the least for granted.

In the midst of the swirling chaos, I have a comfortable room to curl up in. When I have finished this blog post, and this cup of tea, I have to go back out into the cold night to a youth club parents’ meeting before collecting Two from there.

And while I was typing that last paragraph, Three managed to knee herself in the teeth while playing ‘Littlest Pet Shop’ on the Wii. Oh to be that flexible… 😉


4 thoughts on “There is nothing quite like a nice cup of tea…

  1. I’m so pleased you have carpet to complete your lovely cosy living room. Our living room is my sanctuary at the moment and I think everyone needs a room like that in their lives! (and wow three is flexible!!)

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