Family fun – or sibling rivalry!

New brightly coloured Wii remotes arrived in the post today.(thank you very much ebay – a fraction of the price of the remotes in the shops) and for the first time in ages, we can use the Wii again, and for the first time ever, all four of us can play at once.

I had a go earlier with them all, skiing down a hill in the Dream Alpine event on  Mario and Sonic in the Olympic Winter Games. It was great fun though my skills are a bit rusty and I kept skiing into walls by accident!

Now I have done a bit more laundry and fed everyone tea. Well, Two helped feed us all as he made a delicious lentil soup in Food Technology today. He is seriously good at cooking and I look forward to his practical Food lessons, even if it does mean being organised enough to source the ingredients the day before – last night I got all the way to Tesco and realised I had left his list behind, so had to ring home and get One to find the list and read it out to me as I wielded the trolley!

I feel fit for nothing more than cuddling under my blanket on the sofa again now, but watching Two and Three waving their Wii remotes around playing baseball, ten pin bowling and tennis is a good form of entertainment while I sit here in hibernation mode! I have to keep reminding them not to stand too close together – I fear for their heads!

This just made me giggle:

Three: “Am I winning?”

Two: “Yes. You are. It is incredibly annoying.”


One thought on “Family fun – or sibling rivalry!

  1. Lovely post! I’m curled up knitting the blanket I’m curled up under – well I was till I went to get more marmite toast! (and that’s after a proper tea too)

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