A balanced diet it is not…

I can always tell how well I’m coping with the stresses and strains of everyday life by the state of my diet (I don’t mean an ‘I’m on a diet’ diet, I just mean what I eat!).

Today the sum total of my eating so far has been as follows:

– Two ciabatta rolls, warmed in the oven and then buttered liberally. Yum.

– A bag of cheesy Doritos after an afternoon in the college library (doing Actual Work. Who knew?). Yum yum.

– A few handfuls of Bombay mix. Yum yum yum.

– Half a bar of Green and Black’s dark chocolate with cherry. Yum yum yum yum!


Must do better. Perhaps I’d better take a kiwi fruit to college with me to introduce my body to the concept of Vitamin C….

Edited to add: On the plus side, a dose of Day Nurse capsules yesterday evening and a dose of Night Nurse capsules last thing (after which I slept like a very happy log) seems to have frightened the cold away and I haven’t needed any drugs at all today. Hurrah!


5 thoughts on “A balanced diet it is not…

  1. That made me think, I have had a weetabix for breakfast, bagel with ham for lunch, 4 rich tea biscuits and a satsuma for snack. Spag bol for dinner is in the fridge waiting, along with apple crumble. Not too bad over all 🙂

  2. So far muesli (wheat free) but with extra raisins in with skimmed milk and a glass of apple juice – that’s pretty good
    can of sainsburys not very nice in my opinion leek and potato soup
    1/2 can of black cherry pie filling with extra sugar – cos I needed something sweet NOW

    erm – not very good overall and the only drink has been the apple juice, time to put the kettle on I think!

  3. 2 cups of tea for breakfast (caffine is in a food group ‘somewhere’), Mints all morning at work, tasters of mediteranean bread whilst I walked around the supermarket doing the shopping, and Chicken in white wine, cream & tarragon sauce with green beans and new potatoes.

  4. Cornflakes with sultanas for breakfast, plus orange juice; pasta and veggies for lunch. This is astoundingly good for me, but no doubt there will be chocolate later on.

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