Still here!

– Haven’t blogged for ages. Sorry. Did you miss me? I’ve missed blogging!

– Life = very busy and very full right now. Family stuff taking up a lot of my energy. I’m coping but other things are going by the wayside a bit for now.

– I have got a cold for the first time in a while. It appeared quite suddenly today and I became very snotty and sneezy very quickly. Yuk. I have been to Tesco for Day Nurse, Night Nurse and emergency Green & Black’s.

– There are plans afoot for slight house alterations in order to give both girls a bedroom each. It needs to happen and is very exciting but also rather daunting when I think about all the upheaval and decluttering that will need to happen as well!

– Still loving the return of GMT and the darker nights. According to the majority of the people I know, this makes me weird. However, I know I am not alone! If you are a fellow November lover, please do speak up in the comments! 🙂

– I’ve finished my ‘A year in mobile photos’ project but in true Helen disorganisation, I took the last two photos several days late and still haven’t uploaded them to facebook! Will get around to it eventually, maybe even later today. I’ve loved doing the project but it did become somewhat of a millstone around my neck for the last few weeks. I’m glad it’s over now, but I’m glad I have a photographic record of the past year, too!

– We are cultivating baby Giant African Land Snails at the moment. This is very exciting! Photos may follow at some point if I ever get even slightly organised…

– This blog post was brought to you by the need to post something, anything, to get me back into the habit of blogging again. Hopefully the next one will be more coherent and less of a list!


6 thoughts on “Still here!

      • This is what we did for our girls, it worked well. Now Liz is at university they are back to sharing, and much to my suprise that is working well too. (So far!)

  1. I could stand November, in fact winter in general is fine by me, because I like to wrap up against the cold instead of running out of layers to peel off in the heat, (And that makes ME weird lol), but my body and brain get really disorientated by the clocks going back, and I wish they’s leave them alone!

  2. I am so very glad you’ re back. Sorry to hear about your cold. Your house alterations sound really exciting 🙂
    I never used to like GMT, but as I’ve got a little bit older it’s become a convenient reason to curl up with a book and be cosy!
    I have really enjoyed your years worth of photos. The last few months have been particularly trying and I have found your photos have given me a reason to think about other stuff…thanks, though you can keep the snails LOL 🙂

  3. I don’t exactly love November, but I love being able to draw the curtains and snuggle down on the sofa (and perhaps even light the fire, though I haven’t persuaded M that this is necessary so far this year!), so the earlier I get to do that the better. However, when I was working I hated it, because if it wasn’t nice enough to go out at lunchtime I barely saw daylight except at weekends. Like Alison, I also like wrapping up, but again that was a problem while working because of the tube being so hot.

    And I’m glad you’re back!

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