Healthy coping strategies

I really must post more often. I like blogging and it does me good. I need to do things that I like and things that do me good.

Not going to attempt to catch up on the last couple of weeks. Just going to jump in, feet first. It’s the only way.

I was filled with pointless rage this morning. You know the sort, I’m sure. The sort where you shake your fist at the sky and swear at the ceiling. Kick inanimate objects and slam doors, just because. The sort which says ‘somebody I love is hurting and I seem to have mislaid my magic wand’.

Because kicking inanimate objects hurts my toes, and slamming doors doesn’t actually do my house any good, I had to find different ways to let off steam. And because I don’t drink or smoke, I have to be quite creative at times to find the healthy option!

– I carried on swearing and shaking my fists for a while anyway, just because it felt good. (I know my daughter is reading this. Do as I say, my dear, not as I do 😉  ).

– I made myself an enormous cup of tea in my pint mug.

– I snuggled in my favourite armchair, watched Casualty on iplayer and played Pocket Frogs on the ipod touch. There is something incredibly soothing about plopping those colourful froggies from lily pad to lily pad, feeding them flies and watching them grow.

– Ditto Ditto Ditto QI XL. Cackling at comedy has to be one of the most therapeutic ways to spend my time that I know of. Watching QI was one of the things that got me through parts of my marriage break up.

– I tackled some of the laundry mountain. I sniffed the clean wet washing and inhaled deeply. A nice healthy high 😉 Am I the only person who is addicted to the smell of clean washing?

– I turned my rage onto the bathroom with sparkling results. It needed it. Flung a lot of cardboard and plastic bottles out of the window down into the back yard for later removal to the recycling bin.

– I went into town and met a friend I haven’t seen for ages for a pot of tea and a nice big slice of carrot cake. We had an enormous catch up session and still only seemed to skim the surface really. We absolutely must do this again soon; it was perfect timing for my slightly frazzled self and I think the carrot cake finally melted away the last of the rage! (Did I call this blog post ‘healthy coping strategies’? Well… I’m sure there were several portions of carrots in that cake…)

Having calmed down as a result of these measures, I then had to go and sit in the bank for half an hour trying to find out why the bloody cashpoint had eaten my sodding card! Rage of a totally different kind – and actually that wasn’t really rage because at least I knew I could do something about this! And as it happened, the reason my card had been eaten was simply due to its dodgy chip (which has been dodgy for ages) and not because I have been spending over wildly or because of any fraudulent activity. What a relief, but how irritating having to sort it out!

I should receive my new card on Wednesday. We have enough food in the house till then that we won’t starve. 🙂

I have another blog post in my head which is writing itself day by day. Eventually it will spill out on to the screen. I daren’t make any promises to myself to blog more regularly but I hope I can, because in my busy, busy life, blogging is one of the apparent luxuries which I need to make time for, to keep me sane one day at a time.


7 thoughts on “Healthy coping strategies

  1. Sniffing washing, throwing recycling out of the window, large mugfulls of tea, reeking ‘revenge’ in the flurry of bathroom cleaning and eating carrot cake….. perrrrrrrrfect solutions! So relieved about the card too! Plus here’s lots of snuggly hugs too! love ya! xxxx

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