Listen to your body…

I absolutely hate the thought that I am ruled by my hormones. Much as I know the PMT hits regularly every 28 days, I am always, always taken by surprise. I know to expect my period, but somehow am in constant denial about the mood swings, irrationality, weeping and snapping at everyone that goes with it. It’s something to do with wanting to believe that my brain and willpower is more powerful than the chemical changes in my body – that it is weak and feeble to be ruled by something like that when I am an intelligent woman.

However, the fact remains that round about now every month, I begin to get overtaken by those pesky hormones, whatever I might try to tell myself to the contrary. And one of the symptoms for me is wanting to eat everything in sight. I’ve had three meals today and a couple of snacks; I’m not lacking nourishment! And yet the craving for carbs is so overwhelming tonight.

The hormones win, again, just as they always do. I’m going with the flow. For a couple of days each month I eat what my body tells me it wants to eat, and then it regulates itself again back to the ‘sensible eating’ setting. I’m aware how lucky I am that this is the case, and I’m not trying to gloat – there are other areas in which I have no self control whatsoever; it just so happens food isn’t one of them for me! And so I am going to switch the oven on and make myself some cheesy chips. Which my head tells me I don’t need, and my hormones tell me I do.

In a couple of days’ time I’ll be craving apples and such like again.

Does anyone else find they get a raging appetite around ‘that’ time of the month? Or is it just me finding an excuse to trough on rubbish for a couple of days? 😉


6 thoughts on “Listen to your body…

  1. I never have what you might call a small appetite but that week before I’m due I have very little self control and I’m always hungry, even when my head says ‘no, you’re full’.

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