Monday Monday

My name is Helen and…

…I like Monday mornings.

There. I said it. It isn’t a cool thing to admit to, but I’m all for the truth, and the truth is that Monday mornings are my favourite part of the week.

Yes, really. I know I’m not alone in this feeling, though we Monday morning lovers are in a minority.

I mean, come on, you must know what I mean. A brand new week with no mistakes in it yet. If every morning is like turning over a new page in an exercise book, all clean and inviting for your best handwriting, then Monday morning is like opening a brand new exercise book, straight out of the stock cupboard and smelling new and fresh.

Mondays are my getting things done days. My motivation days. My listmaking, tidying, organising days. I am not a naturally organised, tidy person, but I have the odd spurt and those spurts usually happen on a Monday morning.

If you have half an eye on my Twitter feed, you will know that positivity was rather thin on the ground this morning and I struggled somewhat with this particular Monday morning and the school run. But I managed to reset my stinking attitude by cycling home (it is amazing what that bicycle is doing for my mood in the mornings), drinking a pint mug of tea and catching up on a bit of iplayer before I did anything else.

And since then I have made lists, tidied the living room (it was less of a living room and more of a living hell after a weekend of people in it!) and am now sitting on my favourite armchair surrounded by wafts of Febreze and with a far clearer idea of the shape of the rest of the day and the rest of the week.

Actually the shape of the rest of the week could only be described as ‘cluttered’, ‘quadruply booked on Thursday evening; all events absolutely essential – bugger’, or possibly ‘terrifyingly full’. But on a Monday morning, anything seems possible. My brain seems to reset itself with the changing of the date while I sleep, and I start the week with my ‘one step at a time’ head firmly screwed on. That sensible head has often fallen off by Monday teatime, and I spend the rest of the week scrabbling around trying to put it back on again, but at least I start with the right focus and one day I might learn how to keep that focus more permanently!

Now. blogging wasn’t on my list for this afternoon, and there are plenty of other things which are. So I’d better get myself organised and go and cross a few things off…



2 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. I am not a Monday fan or in fact a morning fan but reading your blog at lunchtime really put a smile on my face and helped me to feel a lot more positive! Hope you had a good afternoon!

  2. I work Tuesday to Friday, so I love Mondays too.

    Monday is my day for catching up with things that need doing, or just chilling out and doing things that I want to do….I enjoy them so much that when its a bank holiday Monday I’m actually a little resentful that the rest of the family are here cluttering up MY space! (I love ’em really)

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