Red sky at night

Right in the middle of chaos, and arguing, and tension, and worry, and busy-ness, and lists, and cooking, and washing up, and laundry, and school runs, and being a taxi service, and remembering everything for everybody because nobody else ever does, and the constant whirl that lives inside my head and the hassle and the bustle….*

I stop.

And I look, and I wonder at this beautiful creation.

I take a moment.

It can be a moment with one or all of the children. It can be a moment with a friend. A hug. A cuddle. A conversation where we just get each other. A meeting of eyes. A shared understanding.

Or it can be a sky.

It is these tiny moments that are keeping me sane.


*You have no idea how much shrieking and general mayhem accompanied the writing of this short post…


4 thoughts on “Red sky at night

  1. Beautiful picture, sunset here was lovely too. and those moments are so precious am glad you are treasuring them and pray that you find them each day. xxx

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