I finished some knitting! Go me!

A few months ago, I was with a group of friends for the day and had managed to have no knitting with me! These lovely friends, many of them also knitters, understood what that meant, and before I knew it I had a set of double pointed needles and a ball of  sock yarn placed in my lap.

I began to knit and the first sock grew quickly while we all chatted. I continued it once I got home, finished it in a day or so and started the second one.

And then my knitting languished as the summer holidays got underway and I got distracted by everything else that was going on! As the nights have started drawing in, and my September crafting itch has set in, I fished out the sock and managed to finish it last week, all apart from the kitchener stitch to finish off the toe. The socks have been sitting in the corner of the living room, looking at me forlornly, until today when I finally cracked and finished the toe off (Procrastination time: one week. Time it took to do the stitching: about five minutes. When will I ever learn?).

And so another pair of hand knitted socks was born! Hurrah! I’ve no idea what the yarn is, but it is absolutely gorgeous – soft and gently striped with beautiful autumnal shades.

I just used a bog standard 3×1 rib pattern and it was perfect for this yarn.

And here is a gratuitous heel photo, because I was having fun playing with the manual focus setting, and I never cease to be amazed by the magical genius that is a sock heel – making something 3D out of one continuous strand of yarn is the most enormous boost to my self esteem every single time I do it – it never gets old!

Knitting makes me feel very good about myself. And I need that at the moment!


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