Back to school freebie goodness!

This post is rather long overdue, but I got here in the end!

At the end of August, the lovely Dulwich Divorcee hosted a giveaway on her blog for a £15 Tesco voucher to spend on back to school goodies. I entered, having spent a fortune on uniform already, and lo and behold I won the voucher!

Unfortunately the email containing the voucher got sent straight to my spam folder, where it languished for over a week before Alice got in touch to ask if I’d received it! Note to self: check your spam folder more than twice a year…)

Being a bit of a technical fool, it took me several attempts to actually use the voucher, but Alice was very patient with my questions and panics and eventually a few days ago I managed to place an order for a few goodies for Three, who was the only child I hadn’t bought any clothes for this term! I got the order delivered to a reasonably local Tesco so I didn’t have to pay the delivery charge, and picked up the parcel on the way home from my partner’s house yesterday morning.

And here is what the parcel contained!

(Please ignore the bitty rug; the vacuum cleaner hasn’t learned how to work itself yet…)

– Year Threes go swimming once a week for a term; it will be Three’s class’s turn after Christmas. As her swimsuits are rather smaller than she is, I decided it was time to get her a new one. This is plenty big enough – and we know this because she tried it on over her clothes as soon as she saw it!

– A new pair of trousers aged 7-8 as I noticed during assembly when I was in school last Monday that her current trousers are hovering rather higher above her ankles than I had realised! All three of my offspring have grown like weeds over the summer.

– And some fab stripy socks just because I could and they were free! One and Two have to wear black or white socks as part of their uniform; Three’s school has no sock policy (hurrah) so I’m all for sending her in bright ones to cheer up a dreary day!

And thanks to the voucher, the above haul set me back a measly 50 pence! Thank you so much to Dulwich Divorcee (whose blog is fab, by the way – go and follow her!) and Clothing At Tesco!

Next post about to appear: gratuitous knitted sock photos! Hurrah! (Yes I found my elusive camera about an hour ago so am catching up a bit.)


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