This week in a nutshell

(Also known as ‘Flipping heck I haven’t blogged since last Sunday and that was just a photograph’.)

– Being back in school again volunteering (Monday and Wednesday) in year 4 for my college placement. I love, love, love it. The teachers I am lucky enough to work with are both fabulous, and this year 4 are a bit special because I was volunteering in year 2 two years ago and so I know them all already. It has also been fun bumping into the new year 5s who I was with last year and being greeted with big smiles!

– Beginning to learn to crochet at the single parents’ group I go to on a Tuesday morning. I found that much more difficult than I was expecting and very frustrating! As a knitter I expected rather arrogantly to find crochet easy, and it is far more different from knitting than I had realised. I came home feeling quite cross and very humbled. I will try again next week and refuse to give up just because I can’t produce something perfect straight away!

– Going back to college on Thursday evening for the second year of my Foundation Degree in Supporting Teaching and Learning. I was nervous about going back and for the first half an hour or so it all felt quite strange – we’ve had three months off over the summer! But as the evening went on, it soon felt as though we’d never been away. It was lovely to see the rest of the group again and catch up a bit. Now, bring on the work…. I think!

– Suddenly finding several job vacancies going which I can apply for. After a summer drought this is very welcome, and I am hoping with all my might that at least one of the schools might choose to interview me. Please everyone cross everything that there might be a job for me out there this month! I want one so badly – though it would be a bitter sweet moment because when I do find paid work I am going to miss my volunteering in year 4 dreadfully. 😦

– Driving over to see my partner for the weekend. Alternating tidying and a bit of shopping with a lot of lazing around, so far! Just what I needed.

– Smelling Imperial Leather soap just now and being immediately transported back over 30 years to my grandma’s kitchen circa 1979! It is amazing how evocative scents can be; I am frequently getting ambushed by memories when I least expect it!

It has been a busy week. The parts I haven’t mentioned have filled up the rest of it – school runs, tidying up, feeding us all, grocery shopping, filling in forms for school, Beavers, youth club etc., signing on (my fortnightly ritual humiliation at the job centre), generally doing all the stuff that keeps a family ticking over.

Life is never dull, and it is rarely quiet. I’m trying very hard to create blocks of silence and alone in the middle of each busy day, because I thrive on silence and alone. I am still working on that one as it isn’t easy, but it is what will keep me sane as I travel this single parent path!


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