I have gone quiet!

Proper blogging will resume once I have got through the period of very intensive parenting/trying to get organised/general ridiculous busy-ness I am going through now the children are back at school.

Every day I accumulate a head full of things to write about, and every evening – either something happens which means I don’t have time to write anything at all, or I find I have the time but my brain has turned into a sponge full of sticky goo and I can’t even string a sentence together.

I am coping day to day by writing, and crossing off, masses of lists. It is great to have the children back at school and I’ve got quite a lot done during each day since Wednesday, but the evenings are just full and exhausting right now.

I miss blogging. I’ll be back as soon as I can! In the meantime the best (and ‘best’ could be a misleading word!) I can offer is my Twitter feed, because 140 characters is manageable most of the time…


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