Back to school round up!

One. Year Nine.

-Starting GCSE courses today.

– Intelligent, funny, fabulous wordsmith.

– Newly dyed black hair covers up the fact it is naturally platinum blonde. Looks gorgeous whatever she does to her hair!

– Possibly heading for a detention as I’m sure they’re meant to have five stripes showing on that tie… I didn’t notice that when I was taking the photo – what a teenage rebel she is becoming! 😉

Two. Year Seven.

– Often referred to as a ‘unique individual’ by those who spend time with him.

– Creative, quirky, enquiring mind. Asks a tremendous amount of interesting questions I will never retain the answers to no matter how many times we google them.

– Currently is aiming to be a physicist when he grows up.

– Definitely one of the most interesting people I have the pleasure to spend time with. Not everybody understands him but he is very much worth taking the time to get to know!

Three. Year Three.

– Feisty, strong willed, opinionated and very lovable young lady.

– Will possibly rule the world one day.

– Cuddly, loving, artistic, mountain goat (could climb before she could walk).

– Will almost certainly grow up to do anything she puts her mind to. I can’t wait to watch!

One, Two and Three.

– Together they are a force to be reckoned with.

– I am so glad they all have each other as they travel the paths their lives are taking, from one home to another and back again.

– My three lovely, lively, quirky individuals who teach me so much every day.

– They rock my world.


14 thoughts on “Back to school round up!

  1. I LOVED reading this little round up…your children are an absolute credit to you, they wouldn’t be what they are without you. I always thoroughly enjoy reading about your 3, as they are such similar ages to mine, I take a lot from the way you deal with situations and try hard every day to enjoy mine as much as you enjoy yours. Keep blogging! xxx

  2. Great post Helen 🙂 Ds & dd2’s school have ties with velcro so they can only be worn in the “authorised” manner 😦
    Individuals can be hard work to parent, but well worth the effort x

  3. What a fantastic post Helen, one to look back on fondly 🙂 I hope they’re enjoying their first few days back at school!

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