Three-ly snippets

1. It’s lovely watching you knit, mummy.

It is lovely knitting too! I’ve finally picked up the sock I was knitting a few months ago (turns out it is a second sock, hurrah – I couldn’t even remember if I’d knitted one already or not!) and am happily back into the rhythm. The meditative, soothing stitches, one at a time, calming me somewhere deep inside while my hands move quickly with the yarn and needles. Each measured stitch, one upon another, making a 3D item out of one strand of yarn (I still maintain socks are made of pure magic).

2. He gave me a kiss, and I got a static shock! Off the lips!

This was in the bath just now, telling me about the people she is looking forward to seeing tomorrow on her first day in year 3, including A, who is in her class and was referred to as her boyfriend towards the end of last year. These children are seven, people, seven…

3. Yes, of course I know I am!

This is response to me wrapping her tight in her towel after her bath, giving her an enormous cuddle, and saying ‘you really are rather brilliant, you know’.

Self esteem. It is a marvellous thing and I can learn from her excellent example!

(And I think maybe my policy of not showing my children’s faces in photographs on this blog is wobbling quite a lot. I keep finding I have taken some pictures I truly love, and something tells me some of them are going to end up on here…)


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