A random jumble of things (a bit like my house, and my brain)

We are on the very last day of the summer holidays and my brain is now falling to pieces, so I as did many times on my livejournal blog in the past, I’m resorting to bullet point posting.

– We have got to the very end of the holidays and it has been a busy and fantastic time. I am gathering a post together in my head about the holidays as a whole, and as soon as I can string two words together without being interrupted, I will write it!

– Two starts secondary school tomorrow. He said this morning ‘I am now in Year 6.9999999 recurring’, which will give you some idea as to how his brain functions!

– In a spectacular case of leaving it to the last minute, we finally rocked up at the school office this morning to purchase his blazer, his tie (a clip on tie – that’s cheating, surely?! His sister has to tie hers and everything!), and a craft apron.

– He had a trying on session when he got home, with the new stuff and the trousers, shirts and shoes we bought a couple of weeks ago. Oh. My. Goodness. My little boy in a blazer and tie. He looks so smart and grown up! I’m so, so excited for him in this new chapter in his life.

– I wrote his name in everything (slummy mummies don’t sew name tapes on, even though they have about 300 of the things in their sewing baskets…) and had to take up the trousers by about three inches. They should last a while anyway!

– One tried her uniform on as well, and didn’t want to take it off again! She’s surprised herself by looking forward to going back to school. She goes back on Wednesday, after the new little year sevens have had the school to themselves for a day to get used to it.

– Three also starts back on Wednesday and tomorrow will be the day for getting her uniform out and checking it all fits. I am reasonably confident (which is probably foolish). She is in a very very cuddly clingy stage at the moment; much as I love cuddles, I also like my personal space occasionally and I am looking forward to not being followed around the house all day!

– Yes, the end of the holidays is finally taking its toll on my sanity. I have loved spending time with all of the children, but it is clear we are now all at the point where we are ready for school and routine and a bit of space from one another!

– I really need to start knitting again. I have two different socks on the go at the moment and haven’t knitted on either of them all summer. I know I am more twitchy and less calm and centred as a result of not knitting!

– Getting my sewing basket out to take up trousers, I rediscovered the patchwork I started making last autumn. I really want to do some more of that too – I think I’m getting the ‘darker nights, cooler days autumnal crafting bug’ once more!

– I made a delicious lasagne for tea last night. I did the bolognese sauce in the slow cooker so it had simmered all afternoon, and due to a slight lack of milk, I topped up the white sauce with a third of a tub of double cream which happened to be sitting in the fridge. Luxury lasagne! As usual I used child labour for the layering part, so we were all most pleased with ourselves when we discovered how tasty it was!

– We ate our lasagne in the dark, however, because good as I am at lasagne making, I don’t seem to be able to work out how to change the lightbulb in the dining room with only one pair of hands… It is the lampshade’s fault, I swear! (I almost did swear, but there were several children present…)

– My fridge is still clean and still doesn’t smell. I hope you are all duly impressed!

– We all had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast this morning, seeing as it will be the last morning we will have time to do that for a while! Tomorrow we go back to early starts, rushed breakfasts and school run dashes. And weirdly, I can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “A random jumble of things (a bit like my house, and my brain)

  1. He said this morning ‘I am now in Year 6.9999999 recurring’

    That’s the sort of thing any of my friends would say…which suggests that your son is going to grow up to be a gamer. 🙂

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